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Friday, 27 September 2019

VERY loud Students a École Sainte-Anne demands action on Climate change in Front of Legislature!!

Wolastoq Grand Council Chief Ron Tremblay asked about losing Mount Carleton case???

New Brunswick Minister of Environment Jeff is unknown at Climate Change Rally!!!

Students a École Sainte-Anne demands action on Climate change at the New Brunswick Legislature!!!

Students demands action on Climate change at the New Brunswick Legislature!!!

Climate Change students Rally in Fredericton can't be followed on Social Media!!!

New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs on climate strikes across New Brunswick!!

Seniors protest at Fredericton City Hall covered by Blogger!!

What the hell is this in Fredericton????

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Ahhhhhh...the good old days with Deogy.....:)

Miramichi's Captain John Bethell asked about God....

Chris Martin scared shitless of going to Jail for the VERY first time Friday!!!!

That fuckin idiot chris martin did not work for perfection for 5 years he was there 3 if that an the boss didnt say he was gonna fire him chris martin took the truck on his own terms not the bosses! Did he also mention to you he went to another bussiness an had perfection billed for the work he had done Did he also mention he stole a bunch of power an never paid for it!!! Chris martin is fake an makes up everything Thu 4:45 PM Did he mention our boss told him not to take the trucks chris martin took it without permission he unhooked the security system an brought a tow truck in to move his camper he was stealin piwer for an not payin all our trucks are inspected come take a look

Yeah they are lies this guy was asked to clean up his place cause he stinks an hes messy so he didnt like that he went in on a sunday he called a tow truck he stood on the side of the tow truck so we couldnt see the logo of who come to take his camper he is the one that quit on a sunday afternoon an left we have it all on camera everything is saved hes a rat an a punk iv known this kid since kindergarden hes acts the same now he did in grade 3 an the way he is goin on about the boss an the company hes a punk this company saved that fuckin guy he went an used ready john an had that compnay bill perfection for the stiff he did 1200 bill he had perfection billed like hes stealin everything an makin problems for himself

Yeah but he doesnt think about anything he just acts without issues now he crossed the line anyone can come look at our trucks everything is legal like everything even our machines have insurence an that on them so he can make it up all he wants we have proof its legal he took pictures of old stuff to make ot look like were the bad company my boss has been runnin this company 25 years now am this fuckin idiot has been the worst to work arpund he destorys eveeyrhing he has hit brand new cars at dealerships mowing like guy blames everythinf on everyone else but himself

Just so your aware of both sides! Before posting a one sided story. My father has been nothing but kind to Chris. He lived in the door yard of his work for over a year. Rent free with power cover at all times. if you read those fines carefully enough they all stated that they were given because driving with no license not for lack of insurance. This isn’t the first time Chris has taken it upon himself to drive around with no license. My father believes in helping people out and needs workers.he has a lot of patience for things that a lot of people wouldn’t!! A couple other businesses tried to help him out but he owes them money and he ran from the problem also. Chris has to learn to face his responsibilities and stop running away from his problems and blaming others Also needs to stop listening to his father that doesn’t allow him to make good decisions! Thank you understanding and your time.

Friday, 20 September 2019

Dental Partial found this morning in front of King's Place...

I was told it was on the ground for 2 to 3 hours...Just cannot believe nobody walk or pick it up....Anyway...I pick it up < guilty conscience > with my Doggy Bag and it's home...Anyone lost one? It's right here.....Must cost a lot of money....:(

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Why is the Trudeau picture racist???

Can someone explain to me why this is racist??? I can understand a white person wearing black make up and red lips....that's not good and they had it in old cartoons.....Now..this Trudeau question is how can a white man play the part of a Black person without putting black make up???? Now Am I racist for asking??? Please educate me....:)..:)..:)

Who is this guy????

House Fire at St.Mary's First Nation!!!

House Fire at St.Mary's First Nation continues.....

House Fire at St.Mary's First Nation!!!

Blogger say Merci...

A supporter contacted me today and was upset because I didn't take her offer of a camera.... I was told or ordered to meet at a certain place and got a camera...:)....I'm VERY surprise the amount of people who contacted me wanting to buy me a old camera will be fixe at a cost of $150.00 which is already paid by a supporter...:)...I am still VERY sore and seeing the Bone Doctor in the morning....I just hope this is not a permanent injury....:( thanks again for all the supporters who step forward to help me...:)

Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside lost in White Elephant Parking Garage!!!

Someone lend me their camera so I could go at the New Brunswick Legislature and take a picture of a politician then I bumped into this guy....

Good Samaritan.....

Monday, 16 September 2019

Assholes, Jerks, Piece of shit, Waste of Air People, Brain Dead, Low Life idiots broke into the Out of The Cold Shelter Friday Night!!!!

Assholes, Jerks, Piece of shit, Waste of Air People, Brain Dead, Low Life idiots broke into the Out of The Cold Shelter Friday Night!!!!...I don't have a camera for video but this is as low as you can get..< beside breaking in the Soup Kitchen as they did 10 years ago >...idiots!!!!!

Saturday, 14 September 2019


FAKE NEWS---Tonight wasn't a Full Moon so it wasn't true we had a full moon on Friday...we had a full Moon after 1:00am!!!!

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Blogger is out....

Since I no longer have a camera....I'm going to be posting videos and pictures that I never used....Thanks for the bests wishes....someone gave me three pillows tonight so that will help with my sleeping...I might add that I'm in VERY good hands with that Pharmacy on King Street suggesting which medications that will help moi...:)..:)..:)....P.S....I went at the Health Care Clinic today ...asking them to educate moi on how to put my sling...My God that were good....merci.....:)...:)...:)

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Blooger is out!!!!!!

OK....Blogger will be out of.Commission and Service for a while.....being an idiot....i picked up Deogy and we were on the walking trails....i decided to do another video....The Dog sent me a message of noooo wayyyyy....He walked in front of the bike and I flew OVER the handle fault....I landed helmet...a jogger came to the rescue....I didn't move for 30 seconds...he kept asking me questions....i asked for the dog and he was right there....the jogger noticed blogger and said - you're the journalist....he added that he was Stephen Chase's son...i replied - i'm sorry for the video i made against him...:P....he insisted in calling for an ambulance i told him it's ok...but i was in pain.....we got up...he carried the bike and we bought the dog home....the owner of Deogy quickly drove me to the hospital....Once there...the staff are unsung heroes....I was in pain.....the verdict came that i have a broken collar a sling for 6 weeks....:(....I might add the camera is brohen,,,the len all bent...:(...never had this in my life....this is a new begining of pain and helplessness....but we will survive....NO MORE videos when i'm riding a bike.....just noticed i made a video of the crash....idiot....:(...tying with one finger....UGH!!!!!...:(..:(..:(

New Brunswick Social Development Minister Dorothy Shephard sits down with Blogger!!!

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

New Brunswick Minister Greg Thompson just died!!!!..This is VERY sad...he was a good man...I always called him - God.....My sympathy to his Family and Friends...:(

New Brunswick Minister Greg Thompson just died!!!!..This is VERY sad...he was a good man...I always called him - God.....My sympathy to his Family and Friends...:(


Strange....only one question for the Welfare Minister in the morning.....I believe it's just going to be an open chat....if you have a question? Send it at

Fredericton's Tree Cutter educate Blogger on Tree situation!!!! VERY smart fella!!!..:)

The Rattle Cab Blues Band from Miramichi hits the Fredericton Snobby Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival!

Educating our kids in Fredericton about trees!!!!!

Ok....Sitting down in the morning with Welfare Minister Dorothy have any SHORT question send them to them in here or private message will not them at

Where was I last night???

No more quick meals for a's was good to me...:(

Stanley Miksovsky--- 1963-2019

Stanley Miksovsky


Stan Miksovsky of Penniac NB passed over peacefully to the spirit world on September 8 2019 at the age of 56 surrounded by family. Born in Prague Czechoslovakia he was the son of Paula and Stan Miksovsky.

Stan is survived by his loving wife of 23 years, Judie Acquin-Miksovsky. Besides his parents and wife, Stan is also survived by three children Jason Miksovsky and Ashley MacMillan of North Bay Ontario, and Autumn Acquin- Harris (Cody), of Ekpahak. Stan was also known as Papa to Brooklyn, Jacob, Hazel, Violet, Jade and Ember. His fur babies Dubadut and Apple will miss him greatly. His lifelong friend Bill Schmitt of Halliburton Ontario has been a source of strength, humour and guidance.

Stan was a proud and honourable member of the Canadian Armed Forces serving from 1991 until his retirement in 2014.

Stan was an honest man of his word. He loved unconditionally and made friends easily. Stam loved spending time with his family while camping at Woolastook Park. He had a passion for playing guitar and vintage cars.

During his illness Stan taught us how to love more than we ever thought possible. We cried, we laughed, and we loved harder each day during the last weeks of his life.

Stan will be resting at his home 584 River Road Penniac NB. Visitation will take place Tuesday September 10th at 2pm until Thursday September 12. A Celebration of Life will take place at his home on September 12 at 12 noon.

Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World

For those who wish, donations made to their local SPCA would be greatly appreciated. Online condolences and sharing of memories may be expressed through

Click here to View Condolences

Monday, 9 September 2019

Miramichi's Captain John Bethell views on President Donald Trump!!!!

Getting ready to clear the streets for the 2019 Fredericton Harvest Jazz@Blues Festival!!!!


20 years of Volunteering at the Fredericton Soup Kitchen.....

Singing away during a beautiful Sunset in Fredericton...

Hiding from the Snobs of the 2019 Harvest&Jazz Blues Festival in Fredericton!!!!

Never too old to ride a Bicycle in Fredericton.....


Guess where I had Breakfast?????

Self proclaim Advocate James Oickle should not threaten Blogger if he makes his Court Case Public!!!

Saturday, 7 September 2019

Fredericton Mayor Mike O'Brien treats Animals better than Humans!!!!

Go to CJRI Radio in Fredericton for some good News......

Hurricane Dorian HITS Shediac!!!!

Jim Middleton Art last Good Bye to Officer's Square in Fredericton!!!!

Impatience at Tim Horton's!!!!

In case of an Emergency in Fredericton there is NO Communication!!!!

DO NOT fool around with these Uni-lingual Flag Ladies.....:P

City of Fredericton give 40 Pizza and 400 water Bottles to Fredericton Community Kitchen!!! Had to shut down water at a working Project!!!!

Deogy on the Walking Trail!!!!

Windows Scam Artist called Blogger this morning < This is a new one!!! >

New Brunswick Green Party Leader David Coon new vehicle???

Big Fist Fight at King's Place in Fredericton....Someone have a link????

Deogy is a little confuse.....

Deogy at Tim...

Why does New Brunswick Human Rights Commission ONLY fight for Gay issues? Racist against the Poor???

Weekend Vacation for Cancer Victims WILL go ahead in Saint John!!!

People's Alliance Fredericton-York MLA Rick Desaulniers will bring issue of prisoners force to walk home to the New Brunswick Legislature!!!

Fredericton Lawyer Danny Watters bumps into Blogger on the Fredericton Walking Bridge!!!

Old Dorchester Jail is once AGAIN visited by the Pain in the Ass Blogger!!!

Victory Meat Market on King Street in Fredericton will give you the Boot!!!

Speaking out at the Last Protest to save Officer's Square in Fredericton!!!!

The Calthumpians last stand at Officer's Square in Fredericton!!!!

Blogger picks up Deogy!!!

walky walky walky!!!!

Monday, 2 September 2019


Because of the New Brunswick Politicians...a few WILL DIED this winter months!!!!

Miramichi's Crystal Meth Spider-Man gives interview to Pain in the Ass Blogger!!!!

Are Pigeons Flying Rats and should be eliminated???

La Riviere de Memramcook!!!

Meet the MOST dangerous area in Fredericton during the long weekend!!!!

Owner of Victory Meat Market is looking for Roofer!!!!

Crystal Meth hit the City of Fredericton last night!!!!!

Sunday, 1 September 2019

Pam Novak from the Atlantic Wildlife Institute rescues injured Chickadee Bird....

Crystal Meth is a HUGE problem in the City of Miramichi......:(

Where's Keith Richard Kimmerly????

Where's Keith Richard Kimmerly???? Hi Charles this might be a strange request to ask of you but I'm a worried mother of my 40 year old son. I live in St. Stephen N.B. My son lives somewhere in Fredericton and eats at the Fredericton soup kitchen at 65 Brunswick St. I have not heard or spoke to my son Keith Kimmerly in over 5 years! I miss him terribly. I have called the soup kitchen numerous times to leave him messages but I never hear back from him. I'm crying a river right now because I cant find him and miss him so much. I finally got my license renewed and inherited a car from my mother last month so drove to the soup kitchen in hopes of seeing my son. Unfortunately I didn't see him. I know I'm grasping at straws but was hoping if u know of him or see him u can ask him to call me at 506 467 4403. Greatly appreciate it and will be forever thankful. Thank you

I NEVER have any sympathy for people killed on Motorcycles....

Miramichi's Captain John Bethell comes face to face with Pain in The Ass Blogger!!!