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Friday, 30 November 2018

Babysitter Blogger!!! UGH!!!!!!

Guess who????

New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs chat with Blogger!!!


Saint John Liberal MLA Gerry Lowe is surprise by Blogger about Fracking!!!

Social Development Minister Dorothy Shephard and Justice Minister on Homeless issue!!!

People's Alliance Leader Kris Austin hires Blogger at Executive Assistant!!!!

Attorney General and Minister of Justice Andrea Anderson-Mason comes face to face with Blogger for the VERY first time!!!

Thursday, 29 November 2018

Blogger fell down hard tonight...Dog is TRULY man best friend....:)

New Brunswick Human Rights WILL NOT fight for the less fortunate in this Province!

Minister of Social Development minister Dorothy Shephard asked about Bus Shelters!!!!

Minister of Energy and Resource Development Mike Holland is question about Shale GAS!!!!

St Croix PC MLA Greg Thompson asked about Shale Gas in Charlotte County!!!

New Brunswick Minister of Health Ted Flemming asked about Shale Gas!!!

Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Jake Stewart confronted about the case of Brady Francis!!!

People's Alliance Miramichi MLA Michelle Conroy confronted about Shale Gas!!!!

Blogger on the hunt for MLA'S at the New Brunswick Legislature!!!!

Minister of Agriculture, Aquaculture, and Fisheries Ross Wetmore asked about Gagetown Ferry!!!

What was Idiot Fredericton Mayor Mike O'Brien doing at the Out of the Cold Shelter the evening before it was shut down???

Out of the Cold Shelter ordered SHUT DOWN by the City of Fredericton!!!

Five years ago today another close confrontation on the battle against Shale Gas!!!!

Blogger and Angel intuitive gives views on peaceful letter via Canada Post!!!!!

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Award to be presented at the New Brunswick Legislature!!!!!

Was Jim Oickle just arrested at Tent City in Fredericton??? Please tellll Fake News???

Where are the people in this Picture are these days????

What is this email anyway????

not like they used to be.....

Letters to the Editor....


Quebec Vote....

Ralph Landers Saint John....


Saint John Councillor Dennis Knibb found not Guilty!!!

Saint John Principal Dennis Knibb...

Letters to the Editor.....

and I don't remember who is Rebecca...:(

Fredericton Idiot Mayor Mike O'Brien finally steps forward to help the Homeless!!!!

Saturday, 24 November 2018

A statue of former Saint John MLA Abel LeBlanc should be erected in front of the New Brunswick Legislature!!!!

Now Charlie, anybody and everybody, with a modicum of intelligence at all, knows full well that “democracy”, or some sort of faxcimely there-of, just does not, even remotely, exist in this country. Not a snowball’s chance in hell. We go to the polls, elect those who are to “represent” us, and supposedly from that, come up with someone who is supposed to be the leader of all this bullshit. The leader, puppeteer, or whatever the hell he is, calls everyone together and says, now boys and girls, we all have to behave ourselves, do as we’re told, vote as we are supposed to vote, pick our noses when we are supposed to pick our nose, go for a pee when we are supposed to go for a pee, and otherwise, KEEP YER F----- MOUTH SHUT!!!! And as long as all the little children stood in line, everything was peachy.

Well, well, well, then out of the mighty, forbidden city of Saint John, and totally out of the blue, comes the candidacy of one Mr. Abel LeBlanc. And as Abel went about the business he was elected to do, the people of Saint John fell in love with him. Abel made it perfectly clear that he was there for one reason, and one reason only, TO REPRESENT THE PEOPLE!!!! To hell with the puppeteer, to hell with all his fellow puppets. I’m for my people. BAR NONE!!!!

And stand up for his people, he did. ADMIRABLY!!!! Abel stood for the little guy, the workin’ stiff, the longshoremen, YOU AND ME, and ta hell with you’re damn politics. If you don’t like the way I do things then shove it up your ass. Each to his own, let the chips fall where they may, kiss me arse, how’s it hangin’, man.

Never before in our history, Charlie, did we, or have we, ever, ever, ever, had ANYBODY who ever had the balls to speak the peoples language like Abel did. Not a bit afraid, was he, of standing up, nose to nose with some self-righteous asshole across the floor. He let him know, in no uncertain terms, what he could do, and where he could go, and , if he needed help, just where he could get it.

And one day, Charlie, our fair city of Fredericton will, most surely be graced with a most well earned and well deserved statue of our beloved Abel on the front lawn of MOI MAISON, THE PEOPLES HOUSE, posing in his most famous of all poses of delivering his salute of all salutes, to all his friends and colleagues across the floor.


Fredericton Book writer Peter D. Clark....

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Saint John Mayor Don Darling comes face to face with Pain in the Ass Blogger!!!


How come no protest during Blaine Higgs Speech from the Throne???

Canadian Armed Forces leaves the New Brunswick Legislature!!!!

New Brunswick lieutenant governor jocelyne Roy-Vienneau meets Premier Blaine Higgs!!!!

New Brunswick lieutenant governor jocelyne Roy-Vienneau inspect the Troops!!!!

Canadian Armed Forces in front of the New Brunswick Legislature!!!

Blogger arrive at the New Brunswick Legislature for the Speech from the Throne!!!!

The Mary Evelyn Grannan House in Fredericton broken into AGAIN last night!!!

Accident at corner of Brunswick and Westmorland Street in Fredericton!!!

Monday, 19 November 2018

Friday, 16 November 2018

New Brunswick Green Party Leader David Coon on the Love Seat with VERY bad mood Blogger!!!

Fredericton Kiwanis Club in Fredericton and the New Brunswick Language Commissioner!!!

Homeless woman REALLY love Doggy!!!!

After I finished walking the Bridges with the Dog...I decided to walk by the Legislature and home....the Dog noticed this homeless woman and walk close to her...she quickly step forward and hugged the Dog......I took my camera out...she didn't want me to take a pic...I told her to hide her face.....yes....every instance we walk by a homeless individual I give them time with the Dog....first real smile in hours or days.......:)

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Soon after this video I was confronted by a hateful Staff at the Fredericton Community Kitchen!!!

Idiot Fredericton Mayor Mike O'Brien to take charge!!!!

NBPower CEO Gatan Thomas sits down with Blogger!!!!

Blogger is met by hate at the Fredericton Community Soup Kitchen!!!! Sure is not the same like it used to be....:(...:(...:(

Global Television News New Brunswick Journalist Megan Yamoah sure have guts!!

Global News New Brunswick Journalist Megan Yamoah sure have guts!!!! I was told she just walked with her camera inside King's Place and began filming!!!! My God...I would even think of doing that and we all know that I TRULY have guts!!!! But when you're from Ontario.....

I would have bought it but sadly it would have been gone in 24 self control whatsoever...:(..:(....:(

Monday, 12 November 2018

CTV News Anchor Steve Murphy interview with People's Alliance Party Leader Kris Austin is viewed by the Blogger!!!!

What do you do with People who TRULY don't give a Fuck!!!!!

Fredericton Police should get their priorities straight!!!!

Ambulance NB hires 200 paramedics who speak only Portuguese!!!

Moncton — To the astonishment of many, the Higgs provincial government has solved New Brunswick’s paramedic crisis after only a few hours in office. And at the same time, they have brought 200 new immigrant families to the Picture Province.

Ambulance New Brunswick announced today that due to Higgs’ loosening the language restrictions on hiring of paramedics, “new pathways of resolution have opened”

Global News New Brunswick Journalist Megan Yamoah bruises Pain in the Ass Blogger HUGE Ego!!!

What's the name of this Journalist???