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Saturday, 29 November 2014

Very determine in Fredericton!!!!!


  1. he's gonna be sitting there for a LONNNGGGGGGGG time!!!! LOL ...

  2. The Toronto Maple Leafs and the Stanley Cup being mentioned in the same breath??? HA!!! HA!!! HA!!! HA!!! HA!!! I just pissed myself laughin' at that one, my friend. I mean, who, in their right mind, Charlie, would even remotely consider such a scenerio??? That, my good and decent friend, is like saying that the sergeant-at-arms is gonna treat ya ta breakfast tomorra mornin'. NO WAY IN F----N' WAY IN HELL, MAN, NO WAY, NO HOW!!!!
    In my estimation, Charlie, (and you and I both know damn well what that's worth), there's a far, far, far better chance that the Pope will be the first man to walk on Mars. Or that our beloved blogger is, one day, gonna KEEP HIS F----N' MOUTH SHUT!!!! FAT F----N' CHANCE, my friend, FAT F----N' CHANCE!!!!

  3. Just for the record? This guy plays the lotto and he's from Douglas.....the area where the big winner bought the 25 million dollar ticket.....i hope it's him...great pic for my lotto winner eh???

  4. Well Well Well ; To the Anonymous 22:23 things seem to be heating up by not understanding the true meaning of goooooddd hockey. Your to pig headed,self centered low life , no life ,and all about me. Well my friend the season is closing in T.O R.O.N.T.O. is going to get that STANLEY CUP in memory of their ex coach ,in witch passed a way last week, I hope TORONTO wins the Stanley Cup this is going to be the year , Did you watch Saturday night hockey , # 23 Score ,#23 Score, #23Score, #23Score, #23Score, This is a sigh of just whats going to happen my friend in OTTAWA I due sow believe Toronto won their game last night , and what happen to Ottawa o"well next year is not to far away ,Toronto is coming threw stand back and clap your hands be proud of a team that get's the job done "GO.TORONTO GO"

  5. Good Luck with that