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Monday, 24 November 2014

Did Lawyer Edward Derrah tell the Court that it was justified that Blogger be assaulted?

Sorry jumping here and there in this one!!!! I just couldn't believe once the lawyer told the Court that Mike Gaudet was justified to assault me....I asked for the copies to the Clerk of what he said because there must be a investigation if the lawyer told the court that it wasn't no big deal the Blogger have been assaulted.

I asked him to explain himself but he replied - I DON'T HAVE TO TALK TO YOU!!!!!

A snob as a lawyer??? I guess he wants to battle with me???? I have no problem with that at all!!!!

I guess we have to go higher up???

There's a lawyer telling lies to the Court and the victim can't defend themselves???? Sorry is VERY wrong in our Justice system!!!!

I'm going to find out who's this Ed Derrah??? A lawyer that promotes violence????

Truly Stay tuned!!!


  1. Our courts rely on nobody showing up and no journalism telling us the truth. We need televised courts in this province.

  2. Now that Dan Bustieres has quit and is out of the picture...there is room for a other glin glin.
    Edward Derrah...hmmmm
    It looks like its Ed's turn to be exposed for everything corrupt he has ever done.
    Well if he wants to be in the public eye.....I pity him because look at all the ones that tried to screw Charles, they were all made to look as fools.
    So Ed? Are you ready to have all your dirty laundry exposed to the public eye?
    I feel sorry for you. All you had to do was give Charles the respect a attorney is suppose to give everybody.
    I pitty the fool.

    --maurice the homeless guy--

  3. Charles get a Blacks Law Dictionary or Bouviers,Lawyers,Judges(Black Robe Thugs) have their own language designed to keep the average person running in circles long enough to become severely frustrated or go away and die.

  4. He may not have to talk to You but I have a strange feeling he will have to answer to somebody.