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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick Sergeant-at-Arms Dan Bussieres quits!!!!!

Picture 2549 I knew there was something going on? Dan Bussieres was being nice to me during these last few months and I told people something is not right!!! He always told me that he was going to stay there for 12 more years. Where is he going? Ottawa???? What am I going to do? The fun is over??? Sergeant-at-Arms Competition No. LA-SAA-01 The Sergeant-at-Arms is a permanent officer of the Legislature responsible for security within the Legislative precincts. The Sergeant-at-Arms is responsible for developing and implementing security policies and procedures, advising the Speaker and Clerk on issues of security policy and procedures, ensuring the safety and security of Members, legislative staff and visitors, supervising security personnel and acting as liaison with elected officials, legislative staff, police and government departments. Traditional responsibilities include ceremonial functions that may be required for the proper conduct of the business of the Legislative Assembly and such other duties as may be prescribed by section 26 of the Standing Rules of the Legislative Assembly. The Sergeant-at-Arms is also responsible for overseeing the operations and maintenance of the Legislative Buildings and grounds; the recruitment, training and supervision of Pages and Tour Guides; and the provision of visitor information services to the public. Qualifications Extensive police force or military experience and comprehensive knowledge of the principles of policing and law enforcement; demonstrated experience in implementing and maintaining security services in a high profile environment; development of security policies and procedures; experience in dealing with outside community/policing organizations; thorough understanding of procedures of House; superior management skills, excellent leadership and negotiating skills, superior writing and verbal communication skills, exceptional interpersonal abilities, judgement, tact and diplomacy. An equivalent combination of training and experience may be considered. Written and spoken competence in English and French is required. Salary: $74,178 - $99,710 per annum. Forward applications including resume to: Mr. Donald J. Forestell Clerk of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick 706 Queen Street Fredericton, New Brunswick E3B 1C5 Email: Fax: 506 444-3331 Closing Date: December 22, 2014 Subject to the response to this competition, qualifications related to education and experience may be raised. UPDATE - I WENT FISING AND I FOUND OUT THAT BUSSIERES IS MOVING TO BRITISH COLUMBIA???? I WONDER WHY???


  1. I am pleased to see him go but dread seeing the replacement - is it going to be Dan clone? They clearly go for a certain "type" to fill these roles. I vote for Charles to get the job!

  2. watch them do something really stupid like give McKnight the job

  3. Really good news. It takes effect end of December, I understand. B.C. is not far enough.

  4. Salary: $74,178 - $99,710 ?
    But you have to were that rediculas costume and have Charles make fun of you.
    You also will be allways surrounded by crooked politicians and burocrats everyday.....Peeeeyoooo!
    You will have the benifits of having the fredericton police force treat you like god and lick your ass so they can get to work overtime at the leg. They will do everything you tell them to do.
    You have to be into voyeurism because Dan has installed tons of cameras all over the property.
    What a fucked up job.
    I wouldn't want to work freeking way.

    --maurice the homeless guy--

  5. Whats with the stupid looking hat?
    Whose giant dildo is he carrying?
    Why is he carrying a giant dildo?
    See ya Dan, go back to Quebec and stay there.
    Now I hope they hire a real New Brunswicker this time.

    --maurice the homeless guy--

  6. He has a yellow bow tie?
    Does it mean Bussieres is gay?
    No wonder he had so much power, the gays have way more rights then the rest of us.

    1. I find it very offensive that you think gay people have all the power.I thought it was the frackin French bastards who had the power and the best jobs

  7. I think he's gay.