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Thursday, 20 November 2014


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  1. So the no good for nothing blogger and his blog that the Fredericton mayor and his cronies keep trying to shut down got results again and got the homeless women that has been sleeping on the church steps and freezing her butt off for months in a warm place.
    Good for you charles

  2. Good job Charles and everyone who reached out and helped out.

  3. Good on you Charles and good on the woman for not letting the abusive comments stop her.
    It warms our hearts to see you have not forgotten the true meaning of community responsibilty. Responsibility for those having bad times belongs to all of us.

  4. That is too ridiculous that this blog was instrumental in any way. Everyone saw this woman. The unfortunate thing is that this drama was all unnecessary. She could have done this in a socially appropriate way by working with her case worker and other social agencies. With her attitude we will see how long she last there. I have had lots of experience with the homeless with her attitude and they are chronically homeless. She may last the winter then someone will offend her and your high sense of entitlement will step in again and will be out again. She is someone who does not see her role in the situation and everyone else is wrong. Of course the church would have been helpful and that is probably what pushed to this conclusion. I expect the slowness in this was her unwillingness to cooperate.

  5. But Idiot Coward Jerkface? Did you know the welfare office is located on top of the highest peak of the city with my transportation? Asp it takes 5 to 10 years on a waiting list for what else can a person do???...But I will admit that I didn't use my contacts to help her...All I did was blog her issues.....:)

  6. Re: Anonymous 21 November 2014 10:50
    Hey fart breath!
    Why are you here anyway?
    If you don't like Charles way of doing things or his blog why are you reading his blog?
    She said Charles and his blog why she is off the streets so quose tu compran pas?
    Whether she keeps her new place or not ....well unless your a fortune teller you don't know so shut the fk up fart breath and frrrip mon tchu!

  7. 19:02 are you of these people you call brave behind anonymous? Hey Charles I posted another comment which you didn't post. Must disagree with you and make a comment that makes sense otherwise you would have posted it.

  8. re: 22 November 2014 09:24

    I forgot to sign my post.
    So I'm not hiding behind nothing.
    If Charles didn't post your comment then maybe its because your post sucks or maybe he hasn't gotten around to it yet.
    Charles is a very busy dude, He has autographs to sign, fan mail to answer or he could be having lunch with one of his top secret spies. He could be hanging out with some of his many groupies.
    Charles is always snooping around for news stories that you wouldn't see or read anywhere else so stay tuned....truly stay tuned!

    --maurice the homeless guy--

  9. The church has been working with her for months. She is a very difficult placement but she did get more agreeable as the weather got cold which we knew she would.