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Monday, 17 November 2014

Should the Members of the Fredericton Police Force be political????

Picture 2391 I noticed since former Fredericton Police Officer Stephen Horsman have been elected? They're more members of the Police Force present at Liberal meetings? I noticed one yesterday chatting with a Doctor. I went to the Doc and said - You're not too fussy who you're talking with??? He answered - Ohhh yeah...he's a Cop and you guys don't get along. I pointed to the off duty < I think? > Cop and said - HE'S AN ASSHOLE!!!! I walked out of the building!!!! So? Why are the members of the Frede4ricton Police Force political these days? Get a raise in their Pension???? Who knows???


  1. Its not a good idea at all ! In Newfoundland , the Premier is an ex constable and his chief of staff was the former chief of police, neither one of them has any education and are leading the province in the gutter focusing on public safety while the economy and everything else goes straight down gutter ! You can try it but im sure voters wouldnt do it again....

  2. Ummm, Newfoundland's economy is booming with oil revenue. Alberta east. They're one of the few have provinces.