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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Blogger continues to single-handedly knocked off a high-ranking members in Fredericton!!!!

danbussieres Well Charlie, Ya did it agin. Let me see, you have now, single-handedly knocked off a high-ranking member of the Fredericton police force, a clerk-of-the-legislature, a chief-of-police, two successive premiers along with their governments and numerous cabinet ministers and high-ranking politicians, and now, as I told you would happen, my friend, the sergeant-at-arms. I told you it was coming, but, as usual, you thought I was full-a-shit. YER A ONE MAN WRECKING CREW, ole buddy, I've been tellin' ya that since the beginning of time. You will indeed, my friend, before you're reign of terror is over, bring down another chief-of-police, God knows how many more premiers and sergeant-at-arms, HELL, YOU'LL PROBABLY KNOCK OFF A PRIME MINISTER OR TWO!!! I would say the President the Pope, Harold Ballard, the head of the KGB and indeed, Fredericton's chief librarian, should be takin' f----n heed. But THE one position that is, without a doubt, absolutely and totally safe, pal, is THE MAYOR my friend. Our present mayor is simply too sacred to fall for your caniving ways. BRAD IS MAYOR FOREVER!!!! GOOD RIDENCE, DAN, WE LOVE YA!!!!

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  1. The job posting is still on Career Beacon.,-1I/-1/-1/0/3/MB1411200319