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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Should Racist Member Yves Despres of the Fredericton Police Force have arrested Drug Dealer???


  1. more fun to harass a blogger who they do not like because you Charles tell the TRUTH and cannot be bribed. Most all other media do not know the basic responsibility of being a journalist and they can be bought. Evil do not like a light to be aimed at their crime and I am not talking about police officers but chief of police and higher up. Why so much harassment towards a TRUE journalist? Towards an honest man. The good people are behind you Charles. Remember every police officer take orders from above and may not agree with all this harassment towards you from executives.

  2. Notice how lean fitch uses the french people to harass you. I am sure they think it is ridiculous and i am 90% sure the Lean F tells them to do it or else. This situation is beyond ridiculous. The police chief should be FIRED. If she is not then your accusation towards Mike may be correct. You may be on a volcano ready to explode like all the EVIL that is coming out south of us. What goes on in the USA also goes on in Canada. So much sex trafficking by organized crime that you might be close to breaking the News of the YEAR. What here in NB? Hollywood will make a movie about the brave man who dared break the Kids Sex Ring in NB. Possibility? Why else would so much $$$ & Energy on Charles? Watch your back Police or not they can also be hired as HIT Man. You gave us wisdom never go for a ride with 2 goons