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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

A fan of the Blogger point of view on different issues!!!!

I received an email the other day. It was from a stranger who wanted to chat with me over coffee!!!

I met the individual and found him a nice gentleman.

Something tells me YOU WILL read of this guy's views in the future.

Enjoy -

Charles Leblanc in my opinion is one of those people that provides the truth and asks questions. Albeit in an unusual style but the truth non the less. In my opinion we need more folks like Charles who could name you everyone in the NB legislature and tell you what role they have in government. I have researched the 2008 presidential election from new information that surfaced and left with Charles to publish and others for safe keeping but all the information is available online.

Charles asks the why question which more journalist should do. If you look at the dates of these emails that were sent prior to the 2008 election and prior to the Bank Bailout you need to ask the why questions. I have more why questions in the attachment. Why spend time doing this-so people are aware that we have become through lack of participation in our government process. I don't mean voting. We are more than a check in a box.

This email is dated August 8, 2008—notice who it is from and the date of the email. Research and find out why this is so important. To:,,,,, more,,,,,,,,,, CC:,,,,, ,,

Date: 2008-08-08 11:36

Subject: Timetable Attached is a proposed, revised, but still high-level timeline for the Personnel Working Group's work program.

(the attachment is at the end of this document)

You can use this link to explore this email and more from Mike Froman 0&sort=1#searchresult or this link to explore emails to Mike Froman =1#searchresult

What is important to remember at this time in history is that the financial crash in the US happened in September 2008 and the bailout cost the American treasury department $700 Billion or really over $16.8 Trillion when you look at the total commitment but you can verify with Forbes if you think they are a trustworthy source. bailout/#2ebac4b93723

So the banks and more are planning in August 2008 for the next president prior to the actual crash.

If you read through the emails you can see that Obama is told not to go to the G20 to discuss the crisis.

Who is the G20 and the Central Bank. Well it would be good for you to read up on that too.

So after getting a sense of some of this you might ask some questions worldwide or even locally as to some of the why questions never get answered my Main Stream News.

Here are some why questions for New Brunswick?

Why are there not independently owned News outlets in New Brunswick?

Why are deals with the Irvings done with the government done behind closed doors? Do we not elect the government and they report back to us?

What was Carl Toft the only one to serve prison time for Kingsclear when he was willing to name more than 10 others?

Some are senior members of the RCMP.

Why did two officers recently try to pick up Charles Leblanc without reading him his rights first?

Why is Brian Gallant trying to bring an Arms manufacturing company to New Brunswick?

Which company would benefit from that?

Why aren’t Native treaties honored in New Brunswick and in Canada or anywhere in the world?

Why don’t the Weapon manufacturer’s pay for the refugees that are displaced by war?

They make billions in profits.

Why is Canada sending arms to Saudi Arabia?

Why is the Trudeau government putting an 11 cent carbon pricing on our fuel consumption but not coming up with a plan to actually fight pollution? 11 cents is over $5 billion dollars a year.

Low estimate based on fuel consumption from last year.

Why is the person that released this video serving a 35-year sentence and being tortured while doing it?

Where you aware what the government told the parents of the news people killed before the video surfaced?

Why does GlobalNews mention Comet Ping Pong but fail to mention that they had other social accounts with grotesque pictures as well?

Yes once you share it on social it can be captured in other manners and why no mention of “Spirit Cooking” a lot creepy and might require viewer discretion.

Why are 50% of the population unaware of Building 7 collapse on 911?

I am reminded on occasion of how media is trying to say there is fake news out there. I agree there are some sights but I also argue that the MSM does not do a good job at covering the issues and getting us answers to the why questions. It reminds me of Sphia and Hans Scholl in Germany.

And one last why for you ….. why are so many Canadian vets dealing with PTSD?

This one I can answer….because they were told to do things that would kill civilians.

The media needs to speak to them anonymously if that is even possible in this day and age.

WW vets are turning in their graves as they thought they had sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

Attachment---- Personnel Working Group Timeline August

5 Begin developing lists of possible candidates/launch discrete consultation process

8 Finalize Timeline for Board approval

11 Identify priority positions

15 Finalize public vetting template/process and identify volunteer vetters

19 Review requirements for IT system

22 Prepare initial lists and priority positions

25 Vet priority positions and initial lists with Board


1-15 Consultation process to augment lists

2 Begin public vetting process

16-18 Continued outreach to Board re lists TBD Discussion with WH/FBI re background checks

October 17 Complete public vetting process

20-23 Brief Board on public vetting process and share memos

24 Share key White House/Cabinet lists/vetting with BO

31 BO finalizes key White House/Cabinet selections TBD Discussions with relevant Committee chairs/staff re confirmation process TBD Launch Confirmation Planning Task Forces


5 Announce key White House/Cabinet appointments (e.g. Iraq/FP, Econ, Energy, Health)

26 Complete announcement of Cabinet


15 Initial announcement of major sub-cabinet jobs


15 Further announcement of major sub-cabinet jobs

21 Confirmation of priority Cabinet positions

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  1. Charles will have zoned out after hearing you thought he was great. Looks like you have issues he doesn't have the attention span to care about because they are not about him him him. This blog site has turned into total shite.