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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

New Brunswickers are in BIG trouble once Media and Government works together!!!


  1. Interesting thing about this Charles is that I don't think you committed defamatory libel at all. Everyone that reads your blog knows that you are not saying that in actual fact there are paedophiles on the Fredericton Police Force. That you are just upset and trying to make the point that the Fredericton Police Force abused process to persecute u.

    If you look at the cases for s.300, people are presenting their statements as if is actually true and trying to damage reputation. You, however, clearly are not. To paraphrase you in the nov 15 video, 'they called me it, so im calling them it'. Kind of childish, but not defamation IMO.

    Charles, I think you could help yourself by purging your blog of these statements (make a backup first) and issuing an apology. This is not the point of your battle with the FPS.


  2. Get a pepper spray

  3. These incidents do not give positive reflection of the good police officer.

    It is most likely Liberal party + P.C..

    Here is a hint for you