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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Fredericton Police Officer Sgt. Bobbi Simmons-Beauchamp should be fired or suspended!!!!!!

Look at this one....- Sgt. Bobbi Simmons-Beauchamp is the same cop who ordered the Cops to arrest me on Tuesday....The funny or strange part is she works with people with mental illness...SHE'S MENTAL HERSELF!!!

Listen to her voice -

I might add this so-called Cop encourage me to plead Guilty in Court for that Blow Horn issue...Cops SHOULD NOT be allow to do their business in a Court of Law...three days later they raided my place saying that I was exploiting Kids for Sex!!!

I might add while in the lobby of the Fredericton Police Headquarters....two Cops said - Bobbi Simmons lawyer.....she doesn't have enough money to proceed to a civil suit but she use taxpayers money to do her dirty word..

Bring on the charge...lets have a trial...these Cops from the Fredericton Police are idiots!!!! The public are in big danger!!!!

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  1. Now Bobbi, my friend, If it is a maple leaf fan that you aspire to be, you don't stand a snowball's chance in hell. A habs fan, pretty much the same shit. A Nordiques Fan, let it all hang out and THE GOOD TIMES ROOLLLLLL!!!!!! GO NORDS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!