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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

No one can be as Intellectually Diminished as Former President Bush


By André Faust (Nov 30, 2016)

Reprint: The Left Eye

The American election date has come and gone, and in the aftermath of this election, the Americans are getting ready to usher in their new president  Donald Trump.  Never before has anyone seen an election that looked more like the Jerry Springer show than an election.  The media coverage was in the style that Barnum Baily would have applauded.

Regardless of this show, the American  people made their decision at the polls through the election process that is an attribute to the concept of democracy.  What is disturbing is the mass rejection of the election outcome, a total dismissal of democracy.

Historically we have seen many times coups d’étate carried out in many parts of the world where a segment of the population was not satisfied with the outcome of an election, for the most part, the rejection of the elections has thrown those countries into a state of instability.  Is that what future has in store for the United States?

During the 2016 Campaign Trump has made some outlandish statements, that made the politically correct camp cringe at the sound his words. Speaking hypothetically, Trump the actor focused on the emotions of the common person to get elected, he was able to successfully play on electorate’s emotions because of his ability to read his audience and give them what they want.

Now that Donald Trump is President-elect what can the American people and the world expect from him once he assumes office? The Associated Press announced that Trump has closed a deal with Carrier Air Conditioners to keep 1,000 jobs in Indiana, originally Carrier had planned to close the Indiana plant down and relocated their air conditioning plant in Mexico. (The Associated Press, 2016).  While the Carrier deal may be just a flash in the pan, other the other hand in may be an early indicator of Donald Trump’s economic strategy “To make America Great” (Trump, 2016).

If Donald trump maintains consistency on job creation and job retention, we should further see a rise confidence in the new economic strategy as previously  cited by The Washington Examiner. Confidence has increased 17%, the highest in 8 years. (Bedard, 2016)

While Trump may have the potential to resolve the economics of America, there is the another side of the coin, social policy.  If Trump implements his social philosophy into policy, will these policies be to the detriment of the American People? According to the BBC website, Trump has articulated 24 of his personal solutions to the social issues that are currently facing the American people, however, at this time no one really knows what he will do once he is in office. (BBC, 2016)


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