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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

What do you expect from the Fredericton Police Force who falsely accuse the citizens of having Sex with kids???

The snowball is getting bigger and bigger!!!!
The Fredericton Police Force are the most corrupt Force in the Country!!!

Leanne Fitch have NEVER apologized for the bad things they have done to me and to make matters worst? Racist Mayor Brad Woodside have came in to support this so-called Police Force!!!

The Public is in an uproar but they are too afraid to speak out because this Gestapo Police shows no mercy!!!'s time for Justice Minister Stephen Horsman to hold a Public Inquiry on this Corrupt Police Force!!

The Public needs answers!!!

Fredericton Police Chief Leanne Fitch MUST step down and bring someone from outside of the Province to take over this Force.

Why wait till someone gets SHOT from this so-called Police Force!!


  1. The public supports this force Charles; because they do NOT support you. You are nothing but a pathetic old man who can't let go of his hate. YOU are not special Charles, YOU are human, like me, who must be held accountable for any misdeeds you did or continue to do.

    1. Excuse moi Idiot Coward Jerkface???? Did you say - " Let go "???

      How do you do that??? Please continue Idiot....

    2. How do I let go of my hate? Easy. I relax, read a good book, stay off things that drive my hate, and over time it's gone. And you know what, I'm healthier because of it. Maybe if you let go of yours you wouldn't be taking so many trips to the hospital. That and your diet

  2. 21:04 Thats a big stretch saying the public supports the Farce. From what I hear they are even having a hard time getting people to phone crime stoppers anonymously and give them tips.They are losing trust and respect by the day, poor leadership, poor training , little or no rules...

  3. re: 21:04
    "The public supports this force"

    Either your on crack or are part of the fpd or married to one of those pigs.
    They have more complaints filed against them then most of the other police forces in the country and Fredericton is just a tiny city.
    They have what? 5 cops now that are suspended with pay?
    I call it "there on vacation with full pay and full benefits"
    They know that tj burk will find them innocent of all charges because the justice system is as corrupt as the fpd
    so there not really suspended, they are on vacation with pay.......and we are the ones that pay there salaries and benefits so frippe mon tchu!

    --maurice the homeless guy--.

    1. I'm sorry Maurice, was I talking to you? No, then do Fredericton a favor and STFU

    2. "we" are the ones that pay their salaries? no, homeless maurice, YOU dont pay for shit if you dont have a job.

  4. The only people who support this force are the people on the force and the mayor, along with our horses arse of a public safety minister. There seem to be more criminals in our police farce than there are in the courts.

  5. This police force should be investigated. However, when the Minister is a former police officer, where can we go to find justice? Certainly not in the courts.

  6. I believe for all the world, Charlie that this 9:21 asshole is of the self-serving, self righteous opinion that he is the king of the world, when in all actuality, he wouldn't have the first clue on how to run a shithouse, if he tried. It would seem to me, my friend, that he is nuttin' more than a prick of great self-importance with a mouth as big as his ego. Give 'im enough rope, Charlie and he will hang 'im-self faithfully, pubically, for all the world to see.
    Let this dork have his say, Man' He aint nuttin' butta ommuinist redneck loudmouth.
    As I have sai manya time, Man. Give ,em a mille of rope and they will hang 'emself.