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Friday, 31 July 2015

Elizabeth Fry Society of Saint John NB Inc should contact Minister of Public Safety Stephen Horsman to visit New Brunswick Women's Correctional Centre where Carolyn Carrie Warnock died!!!


Here's the video the Minister is talking about.....


  1. No,she died in hospital after being ignored for too long standard answer ,this guy is a card,lets look at the bright side of Institution not getting medical aid in a timely manner! She is dead because of them ignoring her!

  2. Wow good one Charles Your just trying to be negative,what a pile of BS,this is one case when you ignore something it comes back to bite you in the ass,funny they didnt throw her in the hole for complaining that she was slowly dying! The prisons dont rehabilitate shit,there just holding houses addicts go through withdrawls sober up and are back out at it again,especially the females that 90% are there for drugs.

  3. Anonymous 31 July at 9:52 Certainly full of good Christian words in this post.