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Monday, 20 July 2015

Fredericton Police Officers gives Panhandler $5,000.00 in Fines!!! Officials from the Kindness Meters Campaign tells Panhandler to GET A JOB!!!!!!


Things are getting OUT OF control in the Capital!!!!

Can't blame it on the heat!!!!! SO??? WHAT'S THEIR EXCUSE???

Listen to this one -


People do what they can to survive. Sounds like he is trying hard and people have no reason to judge him. This happens in Moncton to people on the street as well. Many are one paycheque from living on the streets, and yet they judge others that came upon hard times. No one knows their stories and to treat anyone on the street in a bad way says more about the ones doing it, than the ones on the street. It can happen to anyone. So for those that say Get a Job, think before you speak as jobs are not so easy to find these days, and more being laid off daily across Canada. Whatever happened to people caring about others and helping one another. Sad to see the world getting so cold hearted. It is nice to see the ones that still care though and are not faking it.

Latest....I gave the Poor guy this info -

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  1. He has a drug addiction that is why he is in the predicament he is in. Fredericton needs better access to help for addiction and mental health care. You are fighting for the wrong thing.