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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Fredericton Police Officer Const.Cherie Campbell who got caught shoplifting in Maine is one of the good ones!


No members of the Fredericton Police Force ever came to my defense when I was labelled a Paedophile by the Cops but I'm not the same.

I felt bad when I heard this female Cop was caught shoplifting in Maine.

She used to work at the New Brunswick Legislature.

If these charges are true?

These Cops must think of the consequences before doing something stupid!!!!

Same as those idiots who are into child porn!

If caught, the consequences are terrible.

Too bad for Cherie because I always took her as the good honest cop!!!!


What is going on with the Police Force in Fredericton? CBC Reports tonight that there are 5 Members on Suspension… At our expense..... The only one that the name was reported is the Female that stole from Marden’s in Houlton. Maine…That doesn’t seem fair!…We have a right to know who these members are and why should they be any different than the City Employee that they have ruined his life and the case is still in the Courts and he paid the money back and resigned his job.. and City Mayor & Council had suggested it be dropped.. His name and been in every paper and this former employee has been drug through seven cities (Literally)...What is Treatment for One City Employee doesn't seem to be the same for all....


  1. The jury was hung and the last count was 6-3 to acquit. You're just an ignorant scumbag LeBlanc

  2. Anonymous at 09:39 Be careful who you call scumbag - these days that could come back to bite you and you know where.

  3. Its only theft when the regular citizen puts something in their pocket at a store not when a police officer does it.