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Friday, 10 July 2015

So Called Prosecutor Sebastien Michaud lied in Court!!!!

Of course this wasn't in the media but when I was in the stand this so-called Lawyer told the Court that a certain video I made...I called the so-called by his first name!

I quickly told the Court that this wasn't true and therefore this is the reason I need a lawyer to object to these questions?

The lawyer was putting words in my mouth and refuse to show the Judge the video!!!

Well...I just watch the video and I will confront so-called lawyer Sebastien Michaud in the Court Room!!

Listen to the Video...Do I mentioned the lunatic name????



  1. Mr Michaud behaved unethically and contrary to established legal requirements, in respect of the rules of witness examination. As someone who was at the hearing I can confirm Crown counsel not only badgered the witness, by repeatedly asking irrelevant questions again and again, he also asked leading questions, based in lies, to elicit answers that he wanted, that were not the truth. He repeatedly told Charles that he had called Spencer by name, in the End of the World video, which was entirely false. Sebastien Michaud forcefully presented a lie to Charles and forcefully asked him to agree to that lie. Since both the Crown and judge refused to allow the video to be played, it seems this is a classic NB criminal proceeding - nothing whatsoever to do with justice.

  2. Lying and cheating is what our Crown prosecutors do, with the blessings of the judges and attorney generals.

  3. Its sounds like you called him Hey! And He was also just informed by the contruction crew he would be knocked on his ass for interfereing with them also! seems to be a constant for him confronting people in a criminal way!