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Friday, 10 July 2015

Fredericton Medical Clinic Diabetes Education are racist against the less fortunate!!!!

After the confrontation of SNOBBY Owner of the Brewbaker Doug Williams.

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I had a flashback!!

I was focusing on losing weight so I went to the Fredericton Medical Clinic Diabetes Education!!

I had a friend with me and we were escorted to a room with two other people.

The woman began preaching to us about the what food we should eat!!!

She did tell me that there's 12 tablespoon of sugar in a blueberry muffin.

I never had one since.

The sad part about this meeting is when I told her that I was on social assistance so therefore what kind of food I should eat??

Immediately, her attitude change and the meeting came to a sudden end!!

As a matter of fact, she took the elevator going up but took the stairs after the meeting.

I emailed a complaint to the organization but never heard from them again.

So who are those people running the Diabetic Association in Fredericton???? A bunch of snobs??? Racist one at that???

As I wrote last night....They had an event at the Crowne Plaza and I was rudely told that I wasn't welcome.

So where do the less fortunate go in this City for help???

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