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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Preacher has Balls!!!

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Even though Mother Nature screws up 3/4 of the audio in this clip, Charlie, it is very, very clear and evident for all the world to see, that this man has far, far, far more of a head on his shoulders than what one could ever expect or even remotely dream of from the complete and entire cast of characters and shitheads which, by absolute and total coincidence, just happen to make up what has sadly and unfortunately come to be known in this corner of the universe, as the supreme court of Canada. This man, my friend, is of a very, very rare breed in this God-forsaken, bleeding-heart, ass-kissin' country. He has the balls, pal, to exercise his freedom of religion, which he should, as stated in the constitution, regardless of affiliation or what ta hell anyone else thinks. And if all the town halls, provincial legislatures, and our federal parliament, where the practice of prayer has always been an institution, had even half the balls to stand as one and tell the supreme f----n' court to take their snot-faced, self-righteous arseholes, bigotry, and holier-than-thou attitudes, and shove 'em right straight up their arse, where they belong, what a helluva constitution we would have. But, as we all know Charlie, when the scant few say "JUMP", the supreme court says "HOW HIGH, YOU'S ARSEHOLES, the senate says "GO FOR IT, YOU JIGOLOS, and our beloved elected parliament says "WE DON'T WANNA OFFEND ANYBODY!!!!

Freedom of religion??? BULL F----N' SHIT!!!

And if I may be permitted a case in point, Charlie, with no intended slander what-so-ever, it really was not that long ago that OUR rules and regulations were changed to allow for RCMP officers to wear turbins as religious symbols. Um, excuse me!!!!


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