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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Bigot Fredericton Mayor was lucky his lovely wife was beside him!!!!


While chatting with someone in a building, I noticed the Mayor walking downtown.

Out the door I went while the guy shouted - Charles...leave him alone!!!!

I shouted and got the Mayor attention!! I said - YOU'RE LUCKY SHE'S BESIDE YOU!!!!!

I turned and walked away!!!

I can't wait to asks him a few hard core questions about agreeing that I have labelled as a Pedophile by the Cops, I was Homophobic,a racist and other's going to be a long run till next May Municipal Election!!!

We must confront and destroy Racism!!!!!

Stay tuned!!!

1 comment :

  1. We must confront and kick this status quo gatekeeper to the curb once and for all, along with the likes of Bruce Grandy and company. Is Kate Rogers as ditzy as she sounds on radio? Oh my! Fredericton, you have some changing to do.