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Friday, 15 May 2015

Fredericton Police Officer Shawn Quartermain to testify against Blogger!!!

Just received an email about this Cop testifying against me in this so-called assault trial!!!

Who is she????

Police Chief Leanne Fitch Gay Partner???

Never heard of her before...must put a complaint to the New Brunswick Police Commission against her...Hey? Maybe Minister Stepehn Horsman knows her????

Must get my camera ready and go down the Legislature!!!!

Just found this on the Internet -

Kim Quartermain and Cpl. Bobbi Simmons-. Beauchamp .... Beverly says, “Our family will miss having Vadim ...... Attn: Shawn Quartermain

She's a partner of Bobbi Simmons????



  1. File a complaint against her for what? Lol. So typical of you. And why do you even mention the fact that the Deputy Chief is gay? You are always yammering and yacking about fascism and discrimination but you are a hypocrite. You are a harasser.

  2. Excuse me Idiot Coward Jerkface.....The Chief of Police and the Force falsely accused me of having Sex with Kids....This female just showed up in my email this morning....if I had a lawyer? He/she would handle this......One more thing....I only go after people after they come after in this so-called assault charge....I will defend myself to the death...:P..:P..:P

  3. You shouldnt worry about a thing ! You wouldnt know but you are up against Sherlock Holmes or something ..Im sure this guy is your typical Fredericton cop, low IQ and a substandard education from Holland college

  4. Anonymous at 12:27 is clearly not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Leann Fitch is openly gay and she is the Chief, not the Deputy Chief. Last notice was that Daniel Copp was acting Deputy Chief - are you saying he is gay? Sounds like you at 12:27 are the harasser.