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Monday, 25 May 2015

Fredericton Farmer's Market shows Deep Skin Message against freedom of Speech!!!!

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  1. Once again you're making up stories with no factual basis. Sometimes a flower pot is just a flower pot bud and, not some devious conspiracy to curtail free speech. think about it man.

  2. Hey Woodside, that fat pot is supposed to silence free speech?
    Funniest thing I've seen all day. LOL. FOI.

  3. Anonymous 00:30 You have got to be kidding - in this City, Woodside rules.

  4. The man looks like Louis Lapierre but he is someone else. Fortunately, the disgraced Dr. Louis Lapierre no longer consults for the government (as far as we know) on the shale gas file.

  5. Woodside stands in the way of progress. It is all about promoting a small circle of businesses, at the expense of the rest of the city.

  6. Its a RACIST flower pot!!

    --maurice the homeless guy--

  7. Mr LeBlanc

    How long have you been in fredericton? It took you all these years to see fredericton as the most anti freedom city of all times.

    Frederericton leads the way. What is wrong with information? What is wrong with fredericton? people wanting to run people lives with no freedom. In Canada we are suppose to have freedom with the exception of fredericton of course.

    1020 Buddy good video

  8. The flowers in the pot looks like there racist flowers too.