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Saturday, 4 November 2017

Gary Blundell from Fredericton will be truly missed....:(

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  1. Hi Charles, it me Donna Clement from C'ton,N.B. I met you at Scott Marshall,God Bless His Soul,he is truly missed too.
    I am writing you because of your blogs you have on youtube. You blog about the police force, the justice system,the less fortunate,the homeless,etc, and how the system is mistreating us.
    The Federal Government has launch the investigation in 1997 mainly to find out why there are over 500 children in foster homes in N.B. Why there were 53 tragic deaths of children while being followed by Health and Community Social Services? These children were either left in abusive homes or put into Abusive foster homes.
    Bernard Richard is head of the investigation and that is why he is coming back to N.B. He had to travel across the country investigating how the system is working there helping the people to compare it with the corrupt system of N.B.that goes much deeper
    I am writing a letter to you so you know what I know is wrong with our system and what need to be done to correct it.
    With you blogging you can get the word out faster than I can. I hope to have the letter finish by the end of the week and mail it on Monday. I hope to send it by special carrier that you have to sign for it, not just regular mail, it important you get it.
    Once you read this.
    Thank you
    Donna Clement