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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Big Tabacco Industries are telling people that smoking WILL kill you!!!! PISS OFF THE GOVERNMENT!!! QUIT SMOKING!!!!!

This is the amount of money a Status Indian saved from not smoking for a WHOLE Month!!!! Can you imagine the saving from a White person < you know what I mean >..They are playing commercials on television paid by the Tobacco Industries that it's a fact that smoking WILL shorten your life. This was part of a deal agreed with the Government and Tobacco Industries....QUIT SMOKING!!! TELL THE GOVERNMENT TO FUCK OFF!!!! Look at the money YOU WILL's a video I made the day my friend Myra Stewart < she's in the picture > who died from Lung Cancer..... In the Picture she's with her Cat Pete....I often wondered if he misses her....home one day and gone the next and never to return....just because of fucking < yes I will swear > CIGARETTES!!!!!

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