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Friday, 3 November 2017

Gary Blundell from Fredericton died last night......

This is in the movie i played in....Paul Robichaud never collected that pension....Gary was going to begin to collect his old age pension next month....will blog more on the sad issue later...:(


  1. I am very saddened, and shocked to hear of the passing of a friend of mine named Gary Blundell. I have known Gillrie for years when I used to work at the shelter both as a volunteer, and also as an attendant on the late night shift in the summer of 2004. I last spoke to Gary just a few weeks ago in Kings Place at the food court walking down the hall he would always say hello. I know him well and thought well of him I feel so bad that he passed away , And I will miss hearing him say hello Mike it’s Gary.

    Please let me know Charlie, if there is any funeral with me arrangements made and who is taking care of the details, I would like very much to send a condolence to the family.

    I will miss you My friend.

    Gary Blundell
    Requiescat in Pace
    Rest in peace

  2. Hi Charles, You talk of the courts sending people to jail but won't provide transportion to return back. I was in jail from 1999 to 2000 when they used to buy bus tickets for people to go wherever they wished to go. I had a kkk following me so instead of picking Cton is where I wanted to come back home, I said Fton. Sure enough one week later she showed up. That another story, but the guys in Fton saved my ass so to speak.
    In St.John Black River Road, jail know as,most told me they get a ticket ordered ahead of their release date.On release date, they are dropped off at the bus station, they go in and cash in their ticket. They suffer a cut but it is free money. Then they either have a drive waiting for them or hitch hike. They tried to convince me to sell my bus ticket. As if and be stuck in St.John and not know how to get to Fton. I be lost. These people ruined it for the rest. After the bus tickets returned not used but sold got the government thinking. The people abused the system so they cut it out. Find your own way since you doing it already.
    The government build a big jail up here in Dalhousie. It off the highway by the Owespray Truck Stop.


  4. Hi Charles, Who is your Low Life Non Educated Redneck? To me he sure sounds like Bert Griffths.
    If it is, tell him I send my love. He did good on the videos.
    I am alone a lot and your blogs bring me closer to the people I care for
    Fton my second home. There is a lot of good people and I thank God I was able to met them and became a part of my life
    Thank You Charles for your Blog
    You let me be there through your blogs
    I love it when you have anyone of my many Buddies on your Blog. Together you bring a little joy\hope\love into my life
    Thank You

  5. Hi Charles, I am praying for you and all the guys in Fton and all people down south suffering from flood waters.
    It could be lack of treesdries up the land. Fton is real dry for there is no worms in the city, Cton is slowly loosing our worm and our earth is turning to dust. That another story.
    Cton got a lot of snow this year. It started in Oct and ended just last week.
    All that snow from all the road were loaded in a dumptruck and dropped off on the riverbanks along Ramsey St The snow went down a lot here so that water went right into the river and headed down south til the water equal out.
    The temperture cold and we got an ice jam up from Cton to Shippigan When it let go by the Van Horn Bridge( bridge to Quebec) and the next warm day that ice should start running.
    The River Run goes so fast it clear the ice out of our river to the ocean in One day. You can watch it go out and many people look forward to watching it the River Run.
    In Fton you just got the tip of the ice berg. It is going to get a lot worse.
    In our defense, we were not thinking of what happens when that snow melts and where it would go plus we had so much snow with no place to dump it but on the clear area by the warf. Made sense but we got to think of a better place. It may not be our problem once it meltts but becomes the rest of the province below us bc it is all going down south.
    The people are sending their prays out to you all addected by the flood.
    Get more sand bags and get higher up til the waters equal out.

  6. Hi Charles, How is life?
    The Social Policy Renewal will soon be in full effects this year starting in June and July 2018. Started by the federal gov of why 53 children died of tragic deaths in NB when followed by social services.When ask these civil servants claim they are over worked.
    You must think that So what does that have to do with you since you are concern of cops and justice system not kids and social workers and civil servants? And who are these civil servants?
    Ask Danny Watters who civil servants are?
    The changes are
    1. Guarentee Income
    Child tax credit
    Birth to nineteen
    Adult tax credit
    19 to 65
    Old Age Pension
    65 and Over
    Many civil servants will be fired since the services won't be needed such as the welfare office.
    Foster homes will slowly be transfer to the families of these children. 577 children are in NB Foster homes in NB. They get at least $1000 per month per child yet claim they want to care for these children for love not the money yet 53 children died. Who Morns for Baby Sara?
    This brought the attention of the Federal Gov to Investagate all civil servants.
    Cton Civic Center is closing June and July bc the mayor Steph Anglehart said it to save money yet CKNB say we are over.
    Shelters will be replaced by affordable housing for all.
    Shelter will be in case of Emergency only like house fire etc
    Soup kitchens wonbe needed since each person will get a minium of $1400 per month.
    Thank to Gary Blundell for giving his body to Science. Thank You
    And to you for blogging of Gary praying for his old age pension.
    I was Gary Street Sister
    Gary was my Bro
    Rousell too
    Me, Gary and Rousel and Wish Bone- Sonny Ladd,Snoob Dog,Scott Marshall, always can be seen together
    God I miss them all
    RIP my Buddies
    They didn't die in vain for the world will be a better place through them.

  7. Hi Charley. I need your help, Please!
    You know Danny Watters, formal lawyer. He talk of Kingclear and delt with compensating the boys affected.
    There was also a place they girls to, Nova Scotia School for Girls in Truro, N.S. I was sent there in 1981 to 1982.
    The girls school was investagated for wrong doing to the girls they were supposedly protecting.
    They told me , "It does not matter why you were sent to the girls school, You are all the same."
    I never understand that statement.
    But I started my own little saying, "You may come to the Girls school a virgin but you are not leaving one.
    The nurse under the supervisor advice would perform a body cavity seach on every girl for drugs. Most of us were 12 to 15 years old and never even tried drugs.
    There was a big investagation and the school closed. Girls were compensated who knew where to go to get it.
    I did file a cop report with the City Police in Truro, N.S. Wrong police station, I wrote about the events that occured by the workers.
    I need to know how do I get compensated for I feel they won't stop until I do.
    Once you are award of the court, they will follow me forever. That what they told me.
    Few people know about Truro and what did happen to us. They abused their power, and the world should know and who they are, then maybe I will find closure