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Saturday, 11 November 2017

Charles LeBlanc Blogging Days are over!!!!

Ok...I received many comments on the reason I wrote that my Blogging Days are over!!!

No... I wasn't bought off or offered a job for a media

Today around 3:00pm...I decided to go in the woods and find out where the Irvings are Clearcutting in the deep woods near Miramichi...

I made 3 videos of my walking in the woods looking for the clear-cutting!!! < will post later >

Suddenly, I came face to face with this!!!

I didn't what it was until it hit me - " BEAR!!! " Mind you my ADHD minds began to work OVERTIME!!!!

After I took the picture the darn camera fell on the ground and broke.

Ever since I got this camera, I have been VERY careful and always had my strap on. Nobody else to blame but me.

I always went by the signs and what's the odds of me noticing this huge Bear Track???

I was focusing on my surrounding and not on my camera.

Of course...I still have old videos and pictures...I will still blog old issues but as for new videos or chasing politicians? That's history!!

I understand my enemies will be VERY happy and the idiots will say - GET A JOB and collect enough for a new camera.

As I said before - I offer a service and it's the people that decide what to do??

As I said - Nobody to blame but myself...I should have never been in that area in the first place. The only thing that bothers me is the Cops because once I come face to face with an asshole cop? The camera goes on but now the courts will believe the cops because I will be alone...:(.....

Maybe a spirit or something is sending me a message???....Stay tuned......

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