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Thursday, 2 November 2017

Doctor Wlodzimierz Sokolowski still believes in his story!!!!

Frank Mckenna receives video message from the NB blogger interview with Hon. Brian Gallant part two summer interview with Hon. Brian Gallant.

Dear Charles,

I had seen your message to former premier of NB Hon. Frank McKenna and the interviewed with Hon. Brian Gallant who had treated you respectfully and friendly, presenting himself as a true gentleman.

I liked your repeated questions about the spraying of the forest and robbery of the Crown land and forest and heard also the evasive answers of Hon. B. Gallant, accepting the persistent raping of the land and forest, letting us know that New Brunswick is an extractive colony, and people of NB should be happy what they got from those who are managing our lives.

Charles, we met few times and communicated some more so I wonder was it too much from my side to expect that you would ask Hon. B. Gallant: “Why the people in power in NB are tolerating an immigrant living on Miramichi who claims that foreign, immigrant, doctors are murdering old stock Canadian citizens to frame him a targeted immigrant physician?” If this indeed is a terrible lie why this fellow is not indicted and jailed for spreading fabricated evidence and for lying to the police?

If Hon. B. Gallant would get such a question his only answer would have to be taken from George Orwell's “Animal Farm” and would be: “you see Charles here in NB we have different categories of Canadian Citizens: “All are equal, but some are more equal,” and this chap is less equal, though he has to work, observe the existing law and pay taxes, but the common law is not for him. Sorry such is the reality: “ALL ARE EQUAL BUT SOME ARE MORE EQUAL.” If he does not like it he can always leave, which is the real beauty in Our Great Country.

With respect,

Wlodzimierz Sokolowski

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