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Friday, 5 April 2019

Fredericton Radio Talk Host Trevor Doyle issue is viewed by Blogger!!!!

MANY people are sending me messages about the Trevor Doyle situation. Like anyone else I was dumb-folded when I first heard the News by CTV News Anchor Steve Murphy.

I immediately made my contacts and sure enough it was true but I was told Innocent till proven Guilty!!! Wait and see what happens in Court.

I would have been the first one to post this issue on Social Media but decided against it.

I said to myself - Let other mainstream Media handle this one.

Close to one hour later, the story hit Social Media < BIG TIME >..and the comments came and they were vicious.

It reminded me when the Fredericton Police and the R.C.M.P. Sex Child exploitation raided my place. The Fredericton Police falsely accused me of exploiting kids for Sex.

The comments on Social media were terrible. Every instance I'm arrested these idiots coward Jerkface comes out.

I always told these idiots who are upset that I won't post their comments. I say - Listen....tell you what I will do....Sit down with me over cafe and we will discuss your issues.....if I'm in a good mood...I will do a video of your issues...If I'm in a VERY good mood I will let you take a swing at me and we will take it to the next step!!!

I have NEVER received one invitation from these cowards.

These talk show hosts...Television and radio have been in the family homes for decades and they are part of the Family.

This morning on the streets everyone is talking about it and saying there HAVE to be more to this story????

Like myself they are in shock!!!!

It doesn't matter what happens...his life as he knew it is ruined!!!! Tout fini....Reminds me of another individual but I will not mention any names.

Everyone should take a DEEP breath and wait till this story goes in the Courts.

I am NOT defending Trevor Doyle. I am just stating the Facts.

I do feel VERY bad for his wife if the story is true. Can you imagine going on a Vacation and this Bullshit happens?

Lots of questions and tears this morning and lets wait and see what happens.

P.S. If he's found Guilty?..I will be the first one to condemn Trevor.....

UPDATE - If these facts are true????  WHAT AN PERVERTED ASSHOLE!!!!!! < Thank God for the CBC >

He should have watch this show before leaving for Puerto Rico ----


  1. It sounds like a solid case from what I read on the official FBI site. He is "screwed".

  2. And, oh yes, as per usual, the court of public opinion know everything, consider themselves genuises, and have a masters in egoism. Well my, my, my, all you sadistical arseholes, why the hell don't you's all jist GO FUCK YERSELVES!!!!
    Have a nice day.