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Saturday, 27 April 2019

Future Fredericton Police Chief Roger Brown viewed by individual......

I have said all along Charlie, as you know, that this police force needs a chief from away. Someone far and away removed from all of the politics, fiascos, and shananigans that have plagued this force over the past number of years, someone not lookin' to get the medal of bravery, someone not lookin' to chase the hell outta panhandlers. WELL PRAISE THE LORD, ALLAHLOUYAH, AND AMEN, MY FRIEND, OUR PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED. We have had a police chief delivered to us on a silver platter. You will never, ever find anyone with the personality and more qualified for the role, than Roger Brown. He just simply is not gonna be obsessed and pre-occupied with cyclists on the sidewalk, bicycle helmets, blogger-mania, blogger-phobia, or the sargent-at-arms. He's gonna run a tight ship, smooth sailin' with a steady hand on the throttle The only way, Charlie we could have had a better choice for the job is if the Good Lord Himself took the job. He's a gift from Heaven, my friend, just what we need to STRAIGHTEN THE WHOLE DAMN WORKS OF US OUT!!!!


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  1. By golly's Charlie, I was just thinkin'. Do you know what would be another great addition to the force?? If our Marvelous Mayor Mike wanted to go one step further, we could have a police force here that any law enforcement agency could only dream of. I can see great and wonderful things for this town Charlie, with the addition of one Daniel Bussieres as Deputy Chief. Remember Dan, Charlie, yer old buddy?? Happy days would be here again. Let the good times roll!!! But, indeed, what a stupendous, stupendous team Roger and Dan would make. It would be a team that any municipal council anywhere would simply druel over. It would be just like old times, Charlie, and boy how we miss those old times. And you know what?? You'd probably get your blowhorn back again!!!!