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Friday, 26 April 2019

New Brunswick Liberal Interim leader Denis Landry heated debate on Flood and Forestry Act!!!


  1. Oh yeh, and so here we go, Charlie, just another high-ranking, self-serving, self-important, red liberal bureaucratic bastard who knows more than anybody else and thinks he has the world by the ass. Adolf Hitler and Nikita Kruschev thought so too, and we all know where they ended up. We have plenty more than enough Justin Trudeau's, Donnie Trump's, Vladi Putin's and Kim Jong Un's on our radar, we don't need any fuckin' more. Leader of the liberal party or the communist party, he is an absolute asshole who comes to us with red balls of tyrany, and a yellow ego of naziism. DICK NIXON FOREVER!!!!
    LUV YA PAL!!!!!!

  2. Just another sad-sack maple buds fan, Charlie, griper, sore looser, Na, Na, Na, Na, whatever you will, GMM says GO B'S!!!!!!

  3. No pension increases during the flood this year Charlie??? Well holy sweet shit, it seems that I recall very vividaly when we all were experiencing the Great Flood of '08 that all of these egotistical, self-righteous, self-important, look-at-me, how-do-ya-like-me-now, beurocratic bastards were voting their-selves in a very fuckin' heafty pay raise, while they thought that we welfare bum, smart-ass tax-payin' pricks were'nt listenin'. Well we gotta let these sanctimonious shit-heads know, my dear friend, that there is far, far more to human intelligence on this God-forsaken earth than they could ever have dreamed possible. If they wanna dish out the mouthy shit, we can too. If you's don't like it, SHUT TA FUCK UP!!!!!! Hope you's all had a happy fuckin' Happy Easter!!!!