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Thursday, 18 April 2019

Another concern citizen about the Flooding and Clear-Cutting!!!!

Hey Charles, with the flood coming I thought I would share what someone told me. I live in Minto and travel the #10 to get to work. Irving has been clear cutting savagely in our area. So what I will share is that they’ve clear cut everything out the 18 road on both sides of the little river all the way to Durham. Because of this the snow is melting at a astronomical rate. The little river empties into Indian lake which then flows though french, maquapit, then Grand lake. Everyone blames the damn but it’s not the damn. It’s the evil corrupt assholes! The sad part is that some haven’t got help yet and they will be flooded again. They will most likely have their check books out to compensate Irving in some way. I just know you hate them as much as me.

I also have a super idea. Wouldn’t it be something if a person had a good drone. Go all over the province videoing the destruction and it would be narrated by you. People have no clue. If you look at satellite video it’s all blurred out. Would be a eye opener for many.

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