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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Tax Payer John is VERY upset with the Fredericton Police Force!!!

I cant believe my eyes.

CBC Nb reports that Fredericton will be acquiring a Light armored buggy ASAP.

Why? All this in a city that was years before it even got a water rescue or policing vessel..even after the Freddy Fire Dept offered to provide it.

They were turned down flat by the Police Dept.....and lets not forget the City is split in 2 by the Saint John river.

What foolishness! So,now there's this extreme need for a freakin armored buggy?

What to hell is that all about?

Is Bacchus packing that heavy? Does Lord Irving require more support and back up, in addition to the recent pillars installed around the Legislature?

Is there fear of an uprising by Pipeline protesters?

Is The Blogger getting a new heavy duty camera, and posing more of a threat?

Or, possibly, is this device really to be a mobile donut/coffee shop, with a Fadis pizza outlet, and this is designed to keep more staff on the job as opposed to being 10-7 for a snack?

Whatever the lack of logic is, its DAMNED expensive, and quite militaristic.

Scary stuff. What a hell of a waste of Tax $. Maybe this is really a Manatee script, with the usual piss poor CBC reporting?

For all we know, it could be to defend d'entremont, and Rouselle, NB's least desirable specimens.

Many questions, no answers. What a bad joke. Sad times.

Tax Payer John


  1. It says police rescue on the side?? rescue what? Looks more like a deterrent to be used against the people in case of a revolution. why else would they invest in this type of military equipment.

  2. once the ha gets their puppets (BMC) selling fentanyl in the city along with the crack you'll be happy we have this thing. no joke

  3. I think tax payer John needs something to do maybe a better job, a hobby or a girlfriend!

  4. A blogger-mobile for the ages, Charlie, they're comin' ta gitchya. They'll be rollin' up to yer back door anytime. WATCH YER ASS, MAN, WATCH YER ASS!!!!!!