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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Quebec Security Staff at the New Brunswick Legislature went after Blogger today!!!!!

It's pretty bad when Quebec Security ordered me to move 2 feet from the People's House. I believe I can say - HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!!

Just for the record...the young security who approached me is just the messenger. I have nothing against him...:)

It all began with this snobbish woman giving me a VERY dirty look and made a complaint.

Who is she?????


  1. Who cares Chuckie; you gave up your permission to be on that ground when you decided to be a total and complete jerk.

    You are not above the rules, so stop acting like the rules don't apply

  2. Thats canada for ya, you need permission to be on the legislature grounds, but not if your a total and complete jerk. So why are politicians allowed in there?

  3. She's gotta be Danny Boy's mama Charlie!!!!

  4. Probably Dans secretary wants to go a few rounds with ya! Make a information request!

  5. Total and complete jerks come in many, many forms, from the sargent-at-arms to citizens of the community whom he so chooses to slur or otherwise SCREW UP THE ARSE!!!