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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

It was a Robot disguising as Hillary Clinton during the Clinton-Trump Debate!!!


  1. Look what I found for you Charles

    If people say she looks like Hilary but I do not think she looks like her.

    What do you think

  2. Mission Impossible you say

    You are correct Charles Canadians should not be looking at a Hilaky witch from USA there are enough woman witches in Canada

  3. My Charles are you in LOVE with the Clinton?

    Noticed you had Billy to the right of your Blog

    What is wrong with an imitation? You are upset never heard you swear before? What is going on.

  4. Now the Blogger believes the lying media.

    Wow this is news!

    Media does not say it is a FAKE Hilary Clinton so Charles believes it is Hilary?

    Charles are you saying you follow normal news?