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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Blogger explains his views in details of the issue of Bilingualism in New Brunswick!!!


  1. OK so from a situation where French people had to change their name from LeBlanc to White in order to get an equal job to a completely opposite situation where English people must change their name from LeBlanc to White for the same exact reason, please, pray tell me folks, WHAT TA F--- HAVE WE GAINED???? Answer: NUTTIN'!!!! We still have Anglophone New Brunswick and Anglophone Canada running around with words such as nigger, frog or wagon-burner dripping off their tongues. But now, to add to it we have Francophone New Brunswick and Francophone Canada doing the same damn f----' thing preraching such words as bigot, racist, fascist, ghestapoist in the same damn breath. And as our elected assholes spend their precious time pre-occupied with all this crap, we have people spending hours on end in hospital emergency rooms, people with no family doctors, people on waiting lists for various surgeries or nursing homes and, above all else, A SEGREGATED SCHOOL SYSTEM!!!! And throw into the mix, a language commissioner who doesn't know which way is up, and our total average of progression is absolutely EL ZILCHERUNDO!!! And, oh yes how about a little political correctness to boot. Do have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and happy new year folks. And happy birthday too.

  2. That was a really good monologue, I personally don't hate Quebec, but whatever floats your hate boat dude:)

    I'm going to link that because it pretty much summarizes a lot of the problems. The only issues I have:

    1. The language commissioner is doing her job. In her report she notes that the provincial government has ignored most of her recommendations. NONE of what she says has to be listened to, thats why in the Act it says people are still free to go to court no matter what she says. My objection to her is no different than any bureaucrat-which is the amount they are paid. But would you rather pay that much money to a bureaucrat who does nothing? Say what you want dude, but if, damn, forgot her name, if she and Ms. Macpherson and Dr. Cleary were running this province, we'd have a much better province. Don't know if that says something about men and women, but its interesting that right now the only 'politicians' with balls are high level female bureaucrats.

    2. The busing issue has nothing to do with some guy I've never heard of's personality. The court clearly said they would prefer that Mr. Gallant and the legislature handle the issue, but the government doesn't want to because, well, see above.

    3. There is nothing 'common' about sense. People are pissed off for the same reason they get pissed off in every lousy economy, times are hard and there's somebody to blame. New Brunswick's government has typically been in better shape than all other atlantic provinces, so there is no evidence that bilingualism hurts the province. As you and the guy you quote says, its in the constitution, so people are wasting their time with that.

    4. The real problem in NB has always been nepotism, not bilingualism. In a small province we all know that the government works not much different than industry-its all who you know. Besides, the government is barely hiring ANYBODY right now, so complaining about not getting a government job because you don't speak french in order to get the no job which is being offered seems a little redundant.

    5. About the ONLY reason this even appears as an issue is because of social media. Irving hardly talks about it, the CBC hardly talks about it. The PANB got 2% of the vote last election, and the last poll had them at 2%. Most people couldn't give two shits about this, there are far bigger issues out there.

    6. I said this before that anybody who doesn't speak french and has lost out on a job in the last twenty years should sue the government with a class action lawsuit. If the government is going to state that job x needs french, then the government controls people's education up to 18. They've got kids nailed to chairs for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 8 months of the year. There is NO reason that french can't be learned in that time.