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Friday, 27 May 2016

Why is Home for Battered Women in Fredericton shown to the Media??



  1. Grace house is a homeless shelter - it is not for battered women, which is Transition House who keep their locations private and apparently change it regularly. Get your facts straight.

  2. As 15:29 said, this is not for battered women. This is a HOMELESS SHELTER. What's the point of having one if no-one knows it exists or where it is? Charles, do you not understand crisis means being homeless or evicted, not battered???

  3. So the one in front is not a house for battered women??? If the answer is no? Why did the house didn't want me to video the house in the background a few years ago???

    1. I know what you mean Charles, there used to be privacy issues - maybe that was the old management. Grace house accepts donations which are often delivered to the door which cannot be done if people don't know it's there.That plus the need for people to know there is somewhere to go means it makes sense to promote it. The posts are right though, it is not specifically for battered women who need to hide.