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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Fredericton Police and Park Patrol hunting down Indians and Less fortunate who dares to exercise!!!!!

Heard another story a few days ago of a Black guy who was hunted down because of the color of his skin!!

Many people who exercising without a helmet and are daring the Cops to stop them.

Any Cops who stop someone from exercising is NOT cop in my books!!

There are no Police Scanners this means NO WATCH DOGS!!

It's time to bring these Cops to court and find out why the Racists Members of the Fredericton Police Force and allow to hunt down certain cultures??

Why don't they force this Frank McKenna law to everyone????

Just found this video I made 2 years ago...


  1. Fredericton is a fuckt up place no one wnts to come down anymore im glad I live out side the city so I don't have to put up with this bullshit of woodsides law

  2. I think this Blogger needs to educate himself more. On why rules are put in place is for the safety of the riders and others. If he ever needed help from the Police force they will be there as they treat all people equally.

  3. HA!!!!! People riding their bicycles on 2 feet of ice and snow and the cops just drive them?? I was attack by a bully at high noon and we had a huge fist fight in the middle of Queen street while 30 people were watching...guess what? No cops around.....Sorry we don't have a police force in this city...they are racists and it's just a matter of time till someone gets killed by one of those Gorillas...stay tuned.....

  4. I hope the new Mayor of Fredericton does not invent by-laws like Woodside did. It is interesting that not one councillor from the Woodside era complained about his inventions. One wonders about this Mayor.