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Monday, 28 March 2016

Three members of the Fredericton Police Force arrest Panhandler Robbie MacDonald!!!


  1. turns my stomach ... three cops!!! What a waste of taxpayer money.

  2. It is amazing that it takes three police cars and more than three officers to arrest a panhandler on a trespassing charge. You must be proud of yourselves boys!

  3. You guys on here are idiots with too much times on your hands. Three cars and three cops are too much? Well. I am no cops, but you need at least 2 cops to arrest one person in case the person resists and so on.. You never know what can happen. So, really, there is only one extra cop... Now for you idiots that are crying because there are 3 cop cars well lets see: One car for one cop... So if there are 3 cops, there are 3 cars !! Get a life losers !

  4. woodside is going to jail and he is going get whats comeing to hm he is going to be on welfare when he gets our no one likes him

  5. Anonynous at 20:06 . We are not all "guys" on this site. You sure sound like a police officer. and by the way, we are not losers, we are not cops.