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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Fredericton Police are responsible for the suicide of kingsclear first nation Native R.C.M.P Ron Francis!!!

  1. francis

Not much is said after the poor guy committed suicide eh??? I blame the Fredericton Police Force!!! How come there wasn't an Inquiry on this issue????


  1. Can you provide evidence directly linking the Fredericton Police to the mountie committing suicide. ? Or, is this another coward accusation not backed up by any evidence what so ever, because you have no balls and can't support any foolish comments you put on here.

  2. It absolutely was the a targeted killing by both the RCMP and FPD. There is no law under the sun that says two police departments can assault someone on the street in the name of a wellness check.

    I believe that there is a death list with these two departments and he was on it.