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Friday, 11 March 2016

Racist Fredericton Police Chief Leanne Fitch continues to brainwash the public via Pravda!!!!

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She refused to speak with the Blogger but I always keep an eye open for this one. Saw her at the Farmer's Market but that's not the place.

This Racist Police Chief is pushing to have Indians and Welfare people not to drive their bicycle because she came from the Rat Patrol herself.

The Police Scanner < Watch Dog for the Public Safety > will go down in a couple of months and someone will die!!!!

I hope the family sues this so-called Police Chief!!!!

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  1. Any direction but competent policing... If only "evidence based policing" meant policing actually using bona fide evidence to solve crimes. It actually means nothing at all, except a trial and error way to punish people. The FP farce is a complete waste of time, money and corpuscles.