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Tuesday, 22 March 2016


I just received this email a couple of hours ago!!!

Christie, Shelley


Today at 4:23 PM

Please be advised that the City of Fredericton will be withdrawing the matter of The City of Fredericton v Charles LeBlanc in provincial court on March 23, 2016 at 1:30 p.m.

Another charge drop by the Crown. Another one down and another false charge of assault to go!!!!

I'll be in Court tomorrow < Wednesday > to hear it with my own ears!!!!

I wish to say a HUGE Merci Beaucoup to my special friend < she knows who she is..:) > who work so hard for this to be possible....:)

For you newcomers? Here's some blog about this issue!!!

It all began with two female Cops showing up at my door!!!

Click below for video -


IMGP3780IMGP3781 I just dropped over my complaint!!!


What Judge Mary Jane Richards allow in the Courtroom was shameful. I might add that Cst David Bemrose should be remove from his post in the Justice Building.

I'm not sure but I believe David Bemrose was involved in the investigation in falsely accusing me to be a Pedophile.

To have the Fredericton Police intimidate with with mental illness in the Courtroom SHOULD NOT be allow!!!

Of course someone with a gun MUST BE in the courtroom but let him sit in the back and not in front of the defendant to distract the poor individual.

Racist Police Chief Leanne Fitch seem to support this so I will be making a complaint to the Government next week.

I just wish people would open their eyes and pay attention to what is going on here!!

Our Judges and treating people with mental illness like blacks, french and natives were treated 60 years ago!!

They deport them to cities far away from Fredericton.

Often it's on false charges or it could have been handle in a different manner.

To allow a member of the Fredericton Police Force to take advantage of people with mental illness is unacceptable!!!

Here's the story from the Irving media -

Fredericton blogger butts heads with judge over bylaw matter


A downtown resident who has repeatedly clashed with police and the justice system in recent years was back in court Wednesday, this time fighting a City of Fredericton bylaw ticket.

Charles Joseph LeBlanc, 56, of 1-145 Westmorland St., appeared in provincial court Wednesday to face an allegation he violated a city bylaw by riding his bicycle on a city sidewalk on July 30.

Judge Mary Jane Richards noted Wednesday that LeBlanc had filed a letter with the provincial attorney general and the chief judge of the provincial court, raising various issues with the case. Richards noted that LeBlanc, as he’d been directed, raised those issues in a motion filed with the court.

Among the issues the controversial blogger and social activist has raised were the constitutionality of the bylaw, the issue of whether the bylaw was in full force and effect at the time, and the possibility he was served with a phonysummons.

In court documentation, he also asked for Richards to recuse herself from the case. She told him Wednesday that motion wasn’t necessary, as she wouldn’t be the judge hearing the trial. The judge urged him to refile his motion,removing the recusal elements, as they were moot.

However, LeBlanc kept telling the court he couldn’t focus. He said because there was a police officer in the courtroom, seated near the prosecution table, he wasn’t able to deal with the matter. The officer in question was the Fredericton Police Force’s court liaison, who’s responsible for laying charges and ensuring police witnesses are available for trial, among other duties. He’s routinely present in Fredericton’s provincial courtrooms. LeBlanc asked the judge to remove the officer from the courtroom, but Richards refused.

“I’ll have to lay a complaint then,” the defendant said.

The judge explained the courtroom is open to the public and that he doesn’t have the right to demand the removal of people who have cause to be in court. Richards said the other matter to address Wednesday was LeBlanc’s plea.

“I can’t put a plea until I receive full disclosure,” LeBlanc said, acknowledging while he had received the disclosure package from the city, he had further questions he wanted answered.

The judge said the case can’t proceed without a plea and that he could file a motion with the court about a month ahead of trial if the disclosure issue hadn’t been resolved.

“I’m entering a not-guilty plea on your behalf,”Richards said.

She scheduled the trial for April 11, noting the presiding judge would also hear arguments on his motions regarding constitutional issues and other matters.

On his blog, LeBlanc has contended the bylaw ticket was issued on a third-party complaint, and police officers issued him the ticket a couple of months after the alleged infraction.

In the past, the blogger has claimed the Fredericton Police Force has a vendetta against him and have been targeting him unfairly.

He has said the problems began after he recorded a video of a violent arrest in downtown Fredericton a few years ago that led to a city police officer being charged with assault. That officer was acquitted at trial.

LeBlanc has argued the alleged police grudge against him is one of the reasons he’s been charged with a summary count of assault, alleging an incident involving a downtown panhandler on July 3.

That case is scheduled to go to trial May 4.


  1. Yeehah! Great news Charles. I guess "they" want to keep their dirty laundry in the skeleton closet.

  2. Charles wins again. When will they learn to leave Charles alone?
    He always ends up making fools of them.

    --maurice the homeless guy--

  3. I'm surprised the fools dragged it out this long, but not surprised Charlie wins the round though.

  4. Yes, it's time they backed off and left Charles alone - and start dealing with real criminals, like the mayor...

  5. So the reason they dropped it is only because the witness wasn't available to testify ? Thats all ..

  6. Stay off the sidewalk with your bike, you are a danger to people walking.

    1. No Charles, stay on the sidewalk cycling, until there is a valid law or by-law telling you not to. Stay cycling on the sidewalk because you have a right to be safe. Stay cycling on the sidewalk to make a point. Stay cycling on the sidewalk because it will really piss off the mayor and cops - let's hope they all take a stroke on the same day, watching you cycle on the sidewalk...

    2. Yes keep riding your bike on the sidewalk, the place where pedestrians are. I'm sure one them will eventually stick a stick in your spokes when you come close to hitting them.