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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

New Brunswick Commissionaire at the Centennial Building is fired because he can't speak French 10 months before retirement!!!!!


This issue got me VERY upset!!!!

A guy with good public relation skill and a maudit quebecois gets him fired!!!!

You know something??? If this keeps up??? I might join the People's Alliance Party???


Bilingualism was brought in to make things fair for all NBers, not to make everyone in the prov need to speak both langs in order to have a job, not to harm NBers, and not to give jobs to Quebecers Just another way this has been perverted since it was enacted. If they want tto make the position bilingual, then they should at least wait until the guy retires in 10 months ..., this was likely done at least in part to save money, now they will not need to pay his full pension.


  1. I am against official Bilingualism. You can make laws and rules to handle 2 or more languages fairly. The second the govn't makes it a law, this crap happens and we cannot afford the high priced help.

  2. Let's not get to excited, it does not mean this Commissionaire was let go, most likely will be sent to another detail to work if they make his old position bilingual its not the Commissionaires fault the client should of had that position bilingual to begin with.

  3. Yes he was sent to another location.... the parking lot! What a slap in the face.