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Monday, 22 June 2015

Fredericton Police hit Citizen with Cruiser Saturday night??? WHERE'S THE MEDIA????

OK!!!! Someone just told me that a Member of the Fredericton Police Force hit a citizen with his cruiser Saturday night and his show flew 25 feet!!! The Cop put the guy in the back seat and drove him to the Hospital!! No record nothing!!! Is this true???? Please let me know!!!!

Nothing in the local media on this issue!!!!

Fredericton Police Officers are now hitting the citizens with their cruisers and don't bother phoning the Ambulance??

Is this all part of the New Bill C-51 law???


if the accident happened in front of your place means they must of been looking for you since you haven't been around and he was not looking and paying attention. He was wrong and did not to say he was looking for you and threw the guy in the back like he did something. That's my twisted minds story and you better stay there or they will blame it on you

Here's a video -


  1. No surprise.Some of them drive like maniacs. The cop should have stayed at the scene and called for help.

  2. Where's the media? Here: