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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Joan Kingston of UNB's Faculty of Nursing chat with Blogger about the Downtown Fredericton Community Health Clinic!!!

I would post my old blog post on this issue but the City of Fredericton had it shut down!!!!

I ran into Joan Kingston in the Parking Garage across the Centennial Building and I asked for an update of the Downtown Fredericton Community Health Clinic! She agreed and we walked across the street.

Joan suggested we do the one on one in a certain location but I disagreed because the wind would have been against me and if I went on the other side? There were three people sitting under a tree and I knew they weren't Bureaucrats.

 I know these people on Methadone are ten time angrier than me and much more hyper than me. I didn't wish to break the peaceful atmosphere.

 So? After a few minutes of debating, we decided to go to another location.

 We walked past the three individuals.

One guy shouted - I DON'T WANT TO BE ON VIDEO!!!! I SEEN YOUR VIDEOS!!!!

I replied - Good!!! Keep on watching!!!

He got angry and shouted - YOU'RE A LOW LIFE!!!!!

I said to myself - My God? Am I going to have another fist fight??? < My 3rd in three months >

I shot back - I'M A LOW LIFE?????? HEY??? I'M ON YOUR SIDE!!!! I FIGHT FOR YOU PEOPLE!!!

He continued to be angry and shouted - YOU'RE A FAGOT!!!!

I wish that I was Gay because I would have more rights!!!...:P

Poor Joan was watching the whole episode and she looked very uncomfortable witnessing the exchange.

 You could call this exchange - Abel LeBlanc style!!!


                                     I quickly turned on my camera!! Here's the video -

I am certain if the three individuals knew who was with me? They would have kept their mouth shut!!!

 I walked across the street and they challenge me to walk by them. What a bunch!!

I noticed a Commissionaire having a chat with them and they female security is a true nutcase!!!

Interesting time ahead but I am happy everything is going well...

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