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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Blogger face media scrum after City of Fredericton admit they had the Blog shut down!!!

UGH!!!!!! This is why I need a lawyer but you cannot find any in New Brunswick!!!

 Before the Scrum, I place my camera on the table. 

Here's the whole conference.



  1. Calling somebody 'black' is NOT racist. Calling a cop a 'piece of ****' is no different than calling them any other nasty name, and whether its slander is another question. Putting the two of them together, well, thats different. But 'maudit quebecois' I'd say is racist, and of course what you call the cops is, well, beyond that.

    You don't need a lawyer, just tell the truth. But I could almost HEAR you 'sweating' when the reporter kept asking you that question. Its pretty clear your justification is "they wronged me, so I'm wronging them back".

    What would be nice is if reporters asked the city or police for evidence of these emails that were sent. No doubt they'd cite confidentiality, but at least it can be asked. Make THEM squirm a bit. Hopefully the reporters were as diligent in asking questions about what the police did to charles as they were on what charles did to the police.

    If you just log in to your blogger account, there's a section for a 'title', which you would put in 'charles leblanc's new blog' and that should show up higher in the google search engine. I wouldn't do that for you unless you promised to stop calling police that particular name, and that piece of advice is not meant as any endorsement of any of the content on charles blog!

    I suspect you crossed the boundary into both libel AND 'harassment'. What is interesting is that if you read Google's policies, you 'technically' didn't break any of them. For example, harassment and libel are both against the law-as well as Googles' policies. But it seems that Google doesn't need to see actual 'charges' of harassment or libel, in short, all they need is for somebody to write to them and complain that they've been libelled or harassed, and google makes the judgement, which is why lots of people avoid putting blogs on google and instead use wordpress or their own server, then no third party can shut down your blog without going to your host provider.

    Anyway, you've got pretty loyal followers and an election is coming up, so I suspect your viewers will be back. Its clear just how miserable you've made the police, so hopefully you'll take this victory and be the bigger man and do a more mature reasonable blog. Like I've said repeatedly, those claims just look bad on YOU, and create sympathy for the police. Let's see some good election coverage and issue coverage, even police coverage. But hopefully we've seen the last of the libel.

    In short, the NEXT time you write a blog and put the police and that word together, you SHOULD be 'sweating', otherwise you simply have lost the ability to know when you are guilty.

  2. The Police Labeled Charles as a Child Porn collector and now the babys are crying foul,shows you who the real predators are

  3. Where does that reporter think He is,in court? say bye and shove off ! so what if you called him black piece of ####,I could have made it a lot worse. I am not Racist but would purely be for effect cause they do deserve exactly what they get sometimes! and you can just say sorry like police do and say it was just a typo.or a brain fart.

  4. Good for the city, about time someone had Google shut down your useless blog. A real shame someone sponsored you for another one.

    1. It is a blog, not the news, he does not have to be credible. If you don't want to read it don't come here. On the other hand the police are in a position of authority and when they are referring to a person as pedophile to get info on you, this is wrong. It is not an apology needed, it should be discipline. If google was going to shut down every blog that was as bad as this or worse they would be really busy.

  5. Charles, you need to get over it. Constantly brooding on what happened is only going to make you feel worse.