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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Drama Queen Kelly Lamrock to be appointed as a Provincial Judge by Blaine Higgs???

So Kelly Lamrock is now advising,

Blaine Higgs, of all people. He, like me, used to be in the Liberals, then he ran for the NDP, while I supported the Greens, in my taxi, a very effective place to support someone I might add, and now I am independent and he is advising the Conservatives. Why can't we find a home, or are we just malcontents, unable to find perfection.

Still, I always thought the jump from the Liberals to the non-existent Greens was more of a protest rather than a pursuit of opportunity or power. I am always baffled by Kelly's motives, well, not actually, but they are hard to line up publically with anything but self-benefit. For Kelly, there is always a prize at the end of the road. Sadly, for him, he did not get elected as an NDP which would have given him his gold-plated pension. He is only one elected year away from a million dollars plus, but no, he ain't doing it for the money. Maybe as a committed Conservative there is a job waiting for him, or maybe a judgeship, although his "judgement" is always in question, in my mind.

So, rather than promote Higgs, he is on the attack of Kris Austin, looking for answers, or tweets from some, from their past. He should talk. Blaine Higgs ran for the COR and Kelly's record wasn't so rosy either when he served as an MLA, but let's not go there.

Oh, never mind, I love gossip. He supported the sale of NB Power to Quebec. He supported the ATCON deal in cabinet, which virtually robbed New Brunswick taxpayers of $80,000,000.00. He gave a pension to Dana Clendenning with only four years of service, after the government was defeated but before the transfer of power. It actually required a special cabinet meeting to accomodate that decision. Dana spent most of his time in court, at taxpayers expense, defending himself from influence peddling. That's Kelly for you, ever the spineless wimp, willing to do anything, and I mean anything for his own benefit. His soft sympathetic voice grates on me like sand in my jello. I understand why Kelly loves Blaine, but why does Blaine love Kelly?

There is an old chinese proverb that he who points the finger accuses himself tenfold. I ain't Chinese but it seems perfectly appropriate at this time to borrow. Know what I'm saying?

Who am I to point the finger, or give it, for that matter. Blaine, if you are relying on Kelly Lamrock, you are making a huge mistake. That's my advice, for free.

Jack MacDougall

1 comment :

  1. I have to come to Kelly's defense on the sale of NB Power, the other issues I cannot comment on but the sale of NB Power I was present at the riding meetings when he and I believe he was sincere what he said he did not support the sale of NB Power. According to him, all the MLA learn of the sale when the media announce it. In essence, Shawn kicked his MLA's in the nuts on that one.

    Now, this is just my interpretation, but I think the Move to sale NB power was the straw that broke the camels back and that is why Kelly left the Liberal party to join with the NDP.

    I do hope that our political arena doesn't devolve or degrade to be at par with the American reality show starring Donald Trump.

    I don't mean to be to be disrespectful but on the Sale of NB Power Lamrock did not endorse the sale.

    His dissent came from Kelly at several of our riding meetings that I was present at that is why I know that Lamrock did not support The sale of NB Power.

    Let us make this election be about issues, and not about personalities.

    With respect;

    Andre Faust