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Friday, 24 January 2020

Final video and views on the Destruction of Tent City in Fredericton!!!!

Some residents of Tent City in Fredericton were looking for help and Tips!!!

Fredericton Police Chief Roger Brown views on the destruction of Tent City!!!

Removing Tent City in Fredericton....

Fredericton Tent City....

Continue to remove Tent City in Fredericton!!!

Tent City in Fredericton is coming down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tent City in Fredericton is coming down!!!!!!!!!!!

Tent City in Fredericton is coming down!!!!

Is Blogger Charles LeBlanc a has-been????

Thursday, 23 January 2020

Fredericton Tent City is debated by Blogger and Andre Faust!!!

Too bad we were almost attack..could have been a beautiful shot from the air of the Lieutenant Governor Mansion and Tent City...Ohh well.....

Fredericton Tent City final Day!!!!

Fredericton Tent City Residents debate issues with Blogger!!!!

Fredericton Tent City visited by Blogger on their final day!!!

Will not let Deogy run free in Dirty Needles Area!!!!!

Shut the heat off and all windows re open!!!!!...FRESH AIR!!!!!...:)..:)..:)



Fredericton Mayor Mike O'Brien have destroyed Carleton Park in Fredericton!!!

Beautiful Day with Deogy!!!

Great Dane meets Deogy!!!