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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Green Party diminishes their credibility the very thing they wanted to avoid by banning Chris Smissaert as Candidate for Fredericton North

Chris Smissaert
Chris Smissaert former candidate Green Party Fredericton North
- Charles Leblanc photo
Reblogged from the Left Eye (2018)

Chris Smissaert former candidate Green Party Fredericton North Chris Smissaert was banned to run as a Green Party Candidate even though he won his nomination with a wide margin. He won his candidacy by a democratic process. Removing him as a candidate undermines the democracy that we as Canadians so cherish.

It appears that Political correctness was the justification for his removal. Anecdotally speaking the word is that he was removed because he wasn't the favored Candidate among some of the members of the Fredericton North Green Party Riding. The Green Party executive claimed that one of the reasons for banning Smissaert was because of his bullying tactics. What constitutes bullying, the concept has been watered down so much that simply raising one's voice or if one is assertive can be construed as bullying. Concepts such as bullying, character unbecoming, and public safety are contextual terms and there meaning is dependent on the spin that is given to them.  Continued

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