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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Idiot Mayor Mike O'Brien to order Parking Commissionaires to go after Panhandlers!!!!!

Idiot Mayor Mike O'Brien to order Parking Commissionaire to ticket Panhandlers!!! Get ready for a HUGE confrontation. I seen the attitude of these new guys. They don't have the same benefits as Cops!! < Medical need >..Get your Camera ready!!!! I know for a fact if a young parking commissionaire told me to move on? I would tell him to take a hike. But this is bigger...they WILL NOT be able to pay the fine and around Noel..they will be arrested and transported to Jail. After a couple of weeks they will be given a Google Map and force to walk back home. What a system!!!! Yes....Idiot Mayor Mike O' are a true champion for the less fortunate...what an asshole!!!!

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